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Ukraine Cafe

Kiev Crimea Dnipropetrovsk Donetsk
Ivano-Frankivsk Kharkiv Lviv Odessa
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New Ukrainian Cafe

Coffeebus Project

Kiev café Coffeebus Project
Pobedy Avenue 52/2, Kiev, Kievskaya oblast', Ukraine
Phone: +38 067 2083003

Cafe inside a historic and antique bus LAZ 695 E and LAZ 695 m, the only remaining copy of the bus in Ukraine. Italian coffee Caffe Braccio desserts Allimentis from Italy. Coffee house for 20 people is located inside buses, which were created in 1961. There is a bar, professional coffee machine, comfortable tables for two, three, four and for a group of eight people. Music is also antique there. It is played by a  vintage babin tape Jupiter 202, made in 1973 year.

Che Guevara

prospekt Shevchenko, 1/2, Odessa, Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine
Phone: +38  (048) 777-80-80

Tranquil youth, implacable spirit of freedom, eternal revolution in the soul, the belief that life is changing for the better ... If this is you, then Odessa café Che Guevara waits for you! We have created our cafe for young people, so that everyone who knows what the real independence and freedom of the spirit, could find a perfect place. Che Guevara is a cafe for those who are still learning to be free and wants to stay young forever. Our cafe in Odessa will give you a unique atmosphere that you'll be pleased with the first minute: those who want to have fun with all the heart, will find a great low price, comfortable room and the company of like-minded;  those who want to be alone with loved ones, our student cafe give the whole floor for couples; those who want to touch the wonderful world of freedom and feel at home in it, will be able to choose any cozy corner in Che Guevara! And, of course, our lovely cafe in Odessa will be happy to share with you all of your celebrations and make them memorable due to our unique Soviet-Cuban cuisine!


pereulok Vitse-Admirala Zhukova, 4, Odessa, Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine
Phone: +38  (048) 771 77 88

You will feel there as well as with relatives and close friends. Odessa café Friends was created for friends. Every morning, going to these, almost sunny, walls, we want not only to cook / bring / carry, but also to share humor, warmth, make you were as easy and comfortable as in the best company. Our diverse facilities allow you to retire with a good book, and spend an evening of revelry in the company's board games, and, of course, tasty meal. We have a saying: "Do not have a hundred rubles but discount in Friends cafe!". Wednesdays off on Japanese food 20%, every Friday and Saturday, 30% discount on alcoholic beverages. And, of course, Friend's time - Monday through Friday from 13.00 to 15.00 20% discount on a European menu and sushi.


Balkovskaya ulitsa, 31, Odessa, Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine
Phone: +38  (048) 777-05-40

Odessa café Kontrabas is an ideal place to meet with friends. You can organize here a family dinner or a corporate party, a business lunch or a romantic candlelight dinner, just have a tasty meal and spend a nice evening. The chef will offer you dishes with barbecue, you will appreciate traditional, special dishes or regular novelties. Bartenders will add to that an extensive cocktail menu and a good selection of draft beer. There are two air-conditioned rooms - basic and banquet, we also offer a winter terrace and VIP-room. Stylish design, hospitality staff, democratic atmosphere and reasonable prices create a positive impression on every visit. It is warm and cozy, everyone feels surrounded by friends.


Halyts'ka St, 31, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 76018
Phone: +38 (0342) 55 94 00

Ivano-Frankivsk сafe Bizet is very cozy and quiet. A pleasant atmosphere of this Ukraine cafe provides excellent relaxation. Ukraine travel guide found out that this cafe has two rooms, lower one is for those who do not smoke. Menu contains easy meals: salads, crepe, delicious snacks and confectionery meals. Italian dessert "Tiramisu", a hearty salad with rabbit meat, crepe "Huakomole", rolls with salmon, grilled sausages with potatoes "Roast" can surprise every gourmet. In spring and summer there is a patio for eighty seats with comfortable rattan furniture. A mint cocktail "mojito" will satisfy your thirst during hot sunny days.

Hrusch on Tower

Halyts'ka St, 22, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 76000
Phone: +38 (0342) 715776

The style of Ivano-Frankivsk cafe "Hrusch on Tower" was made ​​with the idea of ​​sight "through time and space" to Mysteries. Mysteries is a peculiar mean of information transfer in the form of rituals and symbols that open intuitive vision of the Higher Worlds. In ancient times, priests claimed that the information expressed in the form of texts and words can not give an absolute knowledge. Words and terms narrowed and limited meaning. Words may be good for analyzing, but almost impossible for synthesize. Corinthian style column is a universal symbol of beauty and harmony. Just reaching inner peace and harmony, you understand the Truth. Hrusch is an animal that according to the laws of classical aerodynamics may not fly with the existing body weight and wing area. But it, probably, "keen" to fly, if it manages to do despite the laws of physics...


Karla Marksa Ave, 9, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000
Phone: +38 (056)732-41-44

In the Dnepropetrovsk café Amphora you will find interior and meals in tradition of high Greek culture. The idea of ​​Greek cuisine is based on the cooking of traditional national recipes, using a completely non-standard technologies. Our chef will cook with love the Greek masterpieces: moussaka, dzadzyki, melitzanu, horyatiki, using only the highest quality and always fresh food. It offers a wide selection of delicious cheeses, olives, confectionery and beverages, as well as a vivid thematic atmosphere in combination with the high standards of service. The wine list is represented by wines from Greece, Italy, Ukraine, France, Spain, Chile and other countries. The dominant product on the Greek table, from ancient times has been and remains to this day, the holy God Dionysus liquid - wine. Greece is also can not be imagined without Metaxa. Cafe "Amphora" will surprise you with unusual cocktails and a wide assortment of coffee, which you can enjoy in conjunction with the amazing cakes and desserts. Bon Appetit, or as Greeks say: "Kali oreksi!"

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