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Sunsets have captivated our imagination since childhood. It’s in our stories, our songs, and our dreams. Even though it occurs every day and everywhere, it somehow never loses its charm. We have romanticized it and constantly look to it as a symbol of something deep, something human, and something beyond awe inspiring. However, there are just some places on earth where the sunset is extra special; the colors it fills  the sky with for that brief moment are just that bit more vibrant, and the backdrop more mesmerizing.

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is just such a place. Away from crowded cities and prying eyes, this 14,700 square kilometers of natural reserve has enough space for everyone to find a quiet little spot. You can take a safari tour and view the beautiful su... Read more »

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Europe has always been a magnet for anyone with bohemian leanings and many of history’s most legendary artists, writers and musicians have lived and worked in continental Europe at some stage. Everyone from Oscar Wilde to Jim Morrison flocked to Paris, but Amsterdam and Barcelona have both also seen their fair share of visitors who enjoyed a less than conventional lifestyle. If you want to explore Europe’s arty side, a visit to one or all three of these cities is a must.

For modern bohemians, Amsterdam is the place to be. This famously liberal-minded city is a cultural hotbed and there is very little that will shock or surprise the inhabitants of the biggest city in The Netherlands. For a true bohemian, a stay in one of Amsterdam's independent hotels can provide accommodation more in keeping with this individual and varied city. If you choose the ... Read more »

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Visiting each of the seven continents at least once in a lifetime is a dream of many who love to travel, and hiking makes it possible to see some of the most fascinating sights that can't be found in the more frequented tourist destinations. Join one of Spain's Camino de Compostela tours to participate in an ancient spiritual journey, or set out on a self-guided excursion along Australia's picturesque Bibbulmun Track. Whether you're about to embark on your first hike or conquer your fiftieth, you're sure to be rewarded with an experience unlike any other.

Europe: Camino de Compostela

The world-renowned El Camino pilgrimage route dates back centuries as an important part of Christian beliefs. The amazing hike will give you the opportunity to learn about a country rich in architectural and religious history from knowledgeable guides and meet other trekkers from all around t... Read more »

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While bridges primarily serve a functional purpose, they are often also some of the most impressive examples of architecture a city has to offer, alongside ancient churches and splendid palaces.

The first bridges were created by nature itself, with a fallen log across a stream or stones in a river providing a simple passage across an obstacle. The first bridges built by humans were most likely made from wood and stone, but thanks to the vast array of materials available today and new technology taking creativity to new levels, there is an increasing focus on aesthetics.

Here are the top five bridges in Europe!

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

"I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; a palace and a prison on each hand.”

When Lord Byron penned his 1812 narrative poem Chil... Read more »

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In the winter months many people dream of sandy beaches and tropical ocean waves. Unfortunately this is the dream of thousands of others and hence beaches are a popular yet expensive option in the col, winter months. However, the good news is that there are a number of fun and economical places to consider for a winter getaway. However, the hotels in these travel destinations must be booked well in advance so that you get the best deals. Here are the top 5 winter vacation destinations. 

1) Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is the top American Viticulture Areas of California and all of United States. It has a history since early nineteenth century. It’s a town which has many natural hot springs which are wonderful in winter. The Napa Valley is a very popular choice for many as it comparatively econom... Read more »
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Carrying around all the equipment associated with the sport or sports you play when you travel within the UK can be enough of a headache itself – especially if you're one of the people responsible for the behind-the-scenes operations of the club, and you have to organise the travel for all your members who are off on an overseas jaunt.

But every individual who's part of a sports team can play a role in keeping down the cost of transporting the luggage for their whole organisation, by taking care to choose to take items which are best suited for their exact needs, and even encouraging those in charge of the team to think collectively, and buy cases and bags which enable not just the total weight of items being transported to be cut down to a minimum, but also keep down the number of individual luggage items used.

The growth in the number of sports teams and groups which travel to play thei... Read more »

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If you are one of the millions of travelers who is about to embark on a journey outside your home country's borders, you might feel anxious and excited. The most important thing you need to remember when traveling, aside from staying safe, is to avoid getting into trouble.

Remember that you are going to another location where the customs, traditions, beliefs, and laws are quite different from your own. You are not exactly familiar as to how locals live their lives in their country, and you are unaware of the local laws. As a traveler, you need to understand the importance of educating yourself about the local laws of the country you are about to visit. Keep in mind that disobeying their laws can cost you your freedom, your occupation, and quite possibly your life. This article lists some of the dumbest ... Read more »

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Stuck for ideas on how to keep the fun going on your beach holiday this year? Tired of struggling through the usual dull airport novel while trying to ignore the incessant moaning from the next lounger about when it’s time for ice-cream?

Here are some fun games for all the family to help you while away the hours until you can return the hotel to check for burns in the mirror, apply after-sun / ice as appropriate, and wonder why you ever left the safety of the communal pool.

Bury Dad in the sand

Let’s start as we intend to continue - most fun beach games ought to involve Dad being the target of some form of suffering. The level of torment is at your discretion, perhaps decided by whether he has forked out for ice cream yet or not. That’s the way it always was with my family on holiday, I’m sure it was the same with yours. Number one then, bury D... Read more »

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Discovery, celebration, relaxation, adventure, culture and comfort...everything you want from a holiday right? Think of all the places you’ve always wanted to visit and imagine seeing them all in one holiday. These journeys can feature up to as many as 36 destinations in over 25 countries, you can afford to experience all types of adventures that are unique, as many of them you can only reach by boat. From sailing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge to gliding under over glorious Panama Canal, whilst you are surrounded by the wildlife of the Amazon jungle – now this is what you call seeing the amazing wonders of the world in style and comfort.

 ... Read more »

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Where would you visit if money were no object? For many of us, the easiest answer would be "Everywhere!” Unfortunately, one lifetime just isn’t long enough for one person to vacation to every city in the world. So, for those who are wanting to know the absolute best destinations—should their dreams of free travel suddenly come true—we present to you 11 of the most beautiful, exciting, historical, and downright fun places on the planet. Bon Voyage!

1. Sydney, Australia

Image source

... Read more »

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