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Historic Boulevard in Sevastopol

23 Jul 2011 8:31 PM
Historic Boulevard is located in the downtown area over the South Bay at a height of 80.8 meters above sea level. According to the project of the Engineering Department in 1834, supplemented in 1837, it was supposed to build there a bastion to protect the city. In 1840, on this hill was built a boulevard, called the Bolshoy (Great, in contrast to the Lesser or Michmanski. 

Historic Boulevard in SevastopolThere is a national memorial  on the Historical Boulevard. There are more than 15 monuments and symbols of the first defense of Sevastopol. Famous Panorama is among them.  Back in 1840, there was built so-called Grand Boulevard, the height became known as Boulevard. During the Crimean War at the height was line of defense. There was the main stromghold of the central part of the city - the bastion number 4. To strength the bastion 4 was built Yazonovsky redoubt and 27 numbered artillery batteries.  

In early October 1854 the command of the armies of the enemy chose the fourth bastion as a main target to attack. Heavy artillery and rifle fire from the British and French batteries continued day and night. There were attempts to dig underground galleries under the bastion fortifications and blow, but they were failed. Bastion № 4 remained undefeated. 

Fourth Bastion in SevastopolIn 1875, the City Council adopted a decision prohibiting any building on the ground of defense fortifications of Sevastopol defense during 1854 - 1855. Across Russia was conducted subscription to raise funds for creating of Historical Boulevard on the place of former bastions. This plan has been implemented only partially. Historical Boulevard was equipped only on the Boulevard height. The fourth bastion became "the most memorable battle point". Trees were plant here in 1881. In 1904 – 1905, to the 50th anniversary of the first heroic defense of Sevastopol, was built most of the monuments of the city defenders. Many of them have suffered greatly during the Great Patriotic War. But Historic Boulevard was restored the next year after the end of the war. 

Currently Historical Boulevard - one of the most popular places of memory of Sevastopol. Here are monuments of a talented fortification engineer EI Totleben and Russian sappers, writer LN Tolstoy, the soldiers of the 4th bastion and Yazonovski redoubt (this strengthening was built by the team of  brig "Yason"), memorial designation of artillery batteries, the entrance to the underground and mine galleries, reconstructed fortifications with guns of the period of Crimean War. Most of the sights of the historic boulevard is focused on its main avenue, the center is located in Panorama "Defense of Sevastopol in 1854 - 1855 years" It is the world-famous historical-artistic monument.

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