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26 Sep 2011 11:04 AM
Bar is a town in Vinnitsa region in Ukraine. First mentioning of Bar is dated at the beginning of 15-th century. Population of Bar is about 17 thousand people and it is a center of Bar district of Vinnitsa Region.

Bar MonasteryThe town is situated in the West part of the region, on the right bank of the river Rov. Historical documents tell us that at those times the name of the settlement sounded similar with the name of the river. And only in 130 years Bona Sforza, the Queen of Poland, bough the town for herself and renamed it in the name of her princedom Baryja. After that the whole city was moved to the opposite side of the river and soon became a strong and well developed trading center. According to that fast development local Jesuits quickly built their own monastery which later was robbed and closed for several times, and closer to our days became a catholic church. Such a scenario was rather typical for the monasteries of this region at those times. Nowadays The Pokrov Monastery is considered the oldest building in Bar and it is still being restored. In 1630 the stone church was built instead of the wooden one. The prime engineer was G.Boplan and after that Bar have become the residence of hetman Konecpolsky.  At the beginning of The Ukrainian War for Freedom in 1648, the squad under the command of Maksim Kryvonos entered the city and robbed it. It took several decades to renew everything.

Today there are still some places in Bar, which carry historical and cultural value of those ancient times. Among them is The Assumption Cathedral and, perhaps, snow-white catholic church built in the beginning of new millennium. 

Bar Catholic ChurchMore Bar sights worth visiting

  • The ruins of the castle, which once was built to stop polish warriors. The rests of the strong walls can be easily found in the park of the town.
  • Pokrov women monastery, built in 1616, completely ruined by Bogdan Chmelnitsky’s "gang” and rebuilt again in 1787 in baroque style. And much later the belfry rose nearby the structure.
  •  St Anna’s Cathedral appeared in the beginning of 19-th century. Nowadays looks pretty nice.

In front of Catholic Church there is a half –ruined house. The nameplate on it says that the great Ukrainian writer Mykhailo Kotsubinskiy once lived in it.

Activity of local ethnographers, historians, art scientists and archeologists, and also attitude of citizens to the past of their motherland, shows us the desire of Ukrainian nation to save their natural heritage in all its kinds, remember and carry it through the years for future generations. Irresistible desire of creation the conditions for modern development of Ukrainian cities and regions in whole.

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