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TlumachIf you like towns with old history, start yoyr vacation travel to Tlumach with Ukraine Vacation Guide. The foundation of Tlumach belongs to the 12th century. Under the reign of Yaroslav Osmomysl, settlement of tovmaches was founded near the Dniester River. Princely people lived there. They were as translators in negotiations with delegates of foreign countries. That explains the name of this settlement – Tovmach (Polish - Tlumach). It is mentioned in Ipatiy chronicles in 1213 year. At the end of 14th - 15th centuries there are blacksmiths, barbers, bricklayers, farmers among the residents of the town. In 1448 Tlumach received Magdeburg rights.

Andrusivta Ukraine Vacation Guide invites you for a vacation travel to Andrusivka. This place is full of archeological, historical and architectural places of interest. Not far from the town the remains of the Cherniakhiv Culture were found. In the historical resources Andrushivka (at that time Andrusivka) was mentioned in 1683 together with Stara Khotelnia as an adjacent village. The name of the town "Andrusivka”, according to the legend, was given to the town by a young boy Andrus, who chose the place for the town. Later on Andrusivka was transformed into Andrushivka due to the Polish domination and the influence of Polish language in pronunciation.

This time Ukraine Vacation Guide tells about vacation travel to Marhanets. Marhanets is a mining city in Dnepropetrovsk Region in central Ukraine. It is located on the right bank of the Kakhovka Reservoir on the Dnieper River. City has about 50,000 inhabitants. Its geographic coordinates are 47°38′23″N 34°38′11″E / 47.63972°N 34.63639°E / 47.63972; 34.63639. History of these places is very rich and has for many centuries. Millions years ago at the site of modern Marhanets was a sea, evidence of this are the findings of miners. When opening the seams of the earth during mining of ore were found bones of whales and other marine animals, different kinds of sea shells that have not found in modern seas.

KremenchukAre you going to Ukraine? Visit this city during your vacation travel. Ukraine Vacation Guide has a report about it. The town of Kremenchug and its neighbourhoods occupy a unique natural site. Buildings of Kremenchug are situated on the left and right coast of Dnieper. Between them, in a valley of Dnieper, there are typical and rare seminatural various ecosystems, which have remained since olden days. Green territories of Kremenchug are nice  places for vacation travel, they arepresented in the form of 8 parks, 8 squares and 3 parkways located in different parts of the town, different-age pine plantings situated in a northeast part of the outstricts, islands adjoined to the town, and also street and internally quarter plantings.

Bar (Vinnitsa oblast, Ukraine)Today Ukraine Vacation Guide will show you Bar. This town is connected wit history of Ukrainian cossaks. Very interesting vacation travel destination if you like history and traditional culture. The town is situated in the West part of the region, on the right bank of the river Rov. Historical documents tell us that at those times the name of the settlement sounded similar with the name of the river. And only in 130 years Bona Sforza, the Queen of Poland, bough the town for herself and renamed it in the name of her princedom Baryja. After that the whole city was moved to the opposite side of the river and soon became a strong and well developed trading center.  Fast developing local Jesuits quickly built their own monastery which later was robbed and closed for several times, and closer to our days became a catholic church.

SimferopolEvery city in the Ukraine is different and has its own history and character. The same we can say about Simferopol. There is something about Ukrainian culture and nature that brings millions of tourists from all over the world every year. It is certain that every person is able to find a city in Ukraine that relaxes the mind and captivates their heart. Simferopol is one of the most beautiful and memorable cities in southern Ukraine. Ukraine Vacation guide advise to visit Simferopol during your vacation travel to Ukraine. As a capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferopol has a very advantageous geographic location. It is situated in the very center of the Crimea peninsula.  We sincerely hope we provided you with the most important information about this beautiful city. But, it is always better to see with your own eyes and to feel with your own heart!

travel to DnipropetrovskToday Ukraine Vacation Guide will tell you about vacation travel to city, where Yulia Tymoshenko was born. Dnipropetrovsk is an interesting travel destination. It takes its origin since 9 th century when Byszntian monks built a church on the Monastic Island. this place is connected history of Russian and Polish states as well as with Ukrainian cossaks. Dnepropetrovsk is one of the most rapidly developing cities of Ukraine. There are modern shopping and business centers, cinemas, places of recreation. The longest promenade in Europe is located in Dnepropetrovsk. The main decoration of the boulevard is the avenue of fountains. Vacation travel to Dnepropetrovsk is visiting numerous attractions to  know about the interesting history of the city. 

Historic Boulevard in SevastopolHistoric Boulevard is located in the central part of the Sevastopol at the altitude of 80.8 meters above South Bay. On the Historical Boulevard located national memorial - more than 15 monuments and symbols of the first defense of Sevastopol. Famous Panorama is among them. Currently Historical Boulevard - one of the most popular places of memory of Sevastopol. Travel there to see monuments of a talented  fortification engineer EI Totleben and Russian sappers, writer LN Tolstoy, the soldiers of the 4th bastion and Yazonovski redoubt (this strengthening was built by the team of  brig "Yason"), memorial designation of artillery batteries, the entrance to the underground and mine galleries, reconstructed fortifications with guns of the period of Crimean War. 

Vorontsov Palace is located in Alupka near the foot of Mount Ai-Petri. Alupka is one of the best vacation travel destinations of Crimea and Ukraine.Vorontsov Palace is the former summer residence of the significant Russian statesman Vorontsov. Museum is located in Vorontsov Palace nowdays. Monument of landscape architecture, a beautiful park close to the palace, is a wonderful spot for tourists. Famous sculptural figures of lions appeared in summer of 1848 at the main entrance leading to the central staircase of Vorontsov Palace. The Lions were made in the studio by Italian sculptor Giovanni Bonnani. The lion's terrace has completed design and construction of the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka. Take it into account while planning your vacation travel!

Sevastopol is a perfect destination for a vacation travel. It is a sea port and an amazing Crimean city, rich in historical background, cultural values, Summer resort beaches and architectural monuments. Founded in 1783 as the base of the Black Sea Fleet, today Sevastopol attracts vacation travelers not only for its history. Sevastopol is a great place for a Summer vacation travel to on the Crimean Black Sea. Tourists, adventurers and vacationers from all over the world guided to Sevastopol for a vacation travel. Beautiful Crimean beaches, good climate conditions and clean air - all this attract tourists to vacation travels to Sevastopol. Everyone who has ever visited Sevastopol in Ukraine, will keep the memories of this city for a long time. Vacation in Sevastopol is suitable for both lovers of sights, tours and those who prefer a leisurely holiday by the sea during vacation travel


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