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Lychakiv Cemetery

19 Feb 2012 9:26 PM
Lviv, 95 Pekarska Str.
Tel.: (032) 275 54 15, (032) 276 79 87

Lychakiv Cemeteries is one of the greatest European necropolis, it was established in 1786. Since the first years of its foundation there were buried known noble and the richest persons - artists, scientists and all the political and administrative elite of the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. The first burials were made in the modern cemetery fields 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, where preserved and oldest ledger, dated 1675. At the beginning of the XVI century there existed a cemetery for the poor people. Before you start exploring Lychakiv Cemetery, don't forget to hire  a vacation rental or a hotel room. 

Today Lychakiv cemetery is a museum on the area exceeding 42 hectares. More than 400 thousand people were buried there. There are sculptures and architecture of various famous artists. Masterpieces that came out from under their cutter, decorate the graves of persons of different nationalities - Ukrainians, Polish, Austrians, Germans, Armenians and many others who were representatives of all known Christian Churches - Catholic, Greek Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants and others. Nomerous vacation spots are located there. On the field number 76 on Lychakiv cemetery located memorial for soldiers of the Ukrainian Galician Army. There was brought remains of Alexander Tysovsky - founder of Ukrainian "Plast"; Michael Haluschynski - the first commandant of the Ukrainian Sichovi Striltsi, Dmitry Vitovski - State Secretary of Military Affairs of the Government of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic. In the crypt chapel, located at the bottom of the memorial, buried president of the West Ukrainian People's Republic Eugene Petrushevych, his remains were transported from Berlin and solemnly buried here in 2002. There available guided excurtions or you may just hire a local interpreter

Team of the museum is working on the restoration and improvement of burial places of prominent figures of politics, science and culture. Landscaping is carried out by European standards. Scientific Council of the museum operates since 1991, scientific department of the museum works since 2002. The cemetery became a museum Nov. 25, 1991.

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