Art Arsenal ("Mystetskyi Arsenal") in Kyiv
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Art Arsenal ("Mystetskyi Arsenal") in Kyiv

06 Nov 2011 11:14 AM
National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" is one of the most promising projects in the field of culture of Ukraine, and it should be one of the world's largest museum and exhibition complex in the future.
Mission of Mystetskyi Arsenal is to combine a large amount of cultural initiatives and achievements of Ukraine in a conceptual national project to present the Ukrainian historical and artistic heritage as part of world cultural heritage.
Architectural and meaningful dominant of National Cultural-Art Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" is the Old Arsenal building, an architectural monument of national importance, which was erected in 1783-1801 according to project by Lieutenant-General Ivan (Johann) Meller for the needs of the Kyiv garrison on the site of the Ascension Nunnery. During XIX-XX th centuries Arsenal retained its original purpose, while remaining an object that was used for military purposes.

During the Independence of Ukraine, starting from 2003, Arsenal became the cultural and artistic institutions and got the name "Mystetskyi Arsenal."
ExhibitionSoon a new generation museum, with modern technical infrastructure that meets the requirements of a dynamic exhibition centre and simultaneously perform a broad educational function, invite visitors into the spacious of exhibition and exposition halls, art laboratories, electronic libraries, bookstores, conference rooms, information centres, classrooms .
By 2012, the complex will be partly in a state of reconstruction and construction. However, today Mystetskyi Arsenal operates in an active creative format, because the Old Arsenal building in June 2010 was the most adapted for the convenience of participants and comfortable leisure of visitors, making it possible to implement the diverse cultural and artistic projects. Architectural and spatial concept of the complex allows scale art projects, exhibitions, presentations, charity balls and more to be held. Area of the Mystetskyi Arsenal Building is 50 000 m ².
Mystetskyi Arsenal already makes negotiations with leading museums of Ukraine and the world to represent collections of art masterpieces in Ukraine. Among them - a large-scale project on the heritage of Kazimir Malevich, international projects of contemporary art exhibitions of works of Frida Kahlo, Edward Munch, Gustav Klimt and masters of the Austrian Secession, -Surrealist artists. In May 2012 Mystetskyi Arsenal plans to open ARSENALE - Ukrainian Biennale of Contemporary Art, which will be held in the spirit of the most famous world Biennale and will perpesent the best contemporary art in Ukraine. 
Mystetskyi Arsenal team is confident that the project is to establish new standards in the cultural life of Ukraine, generating positive changes both at national and international level.

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