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Alushta vacation spots

12 Apr 2011 3:15 PM

Attractions of Alushta 

In the city located Museum of Sergeyev-Tsensky, museum of Shmelev. Near the holiday hotel "Northern Dvina” - the ruins of a Byzantine fortress of VI century "Aluston". Near the highway Simferopol-Alushta located Museum of Natural History of the Crimean Nature Reserve and the famous Kutuzovsky Fountain.

In the immediate region - the mountain Chatyr-Dag with a complex of caves, in the reserve - Monastery of Cosma and Damian with springs. 

On an array of Southern Demerdzhi - a medieval fortress Funa, "Stone Chaos" and "Valley of Ghosts". In what district - Falls Jur-Jur in the gorge Haphal, "stone mushrooms" of Sotera. In the west area: mountain Castel with the remains of medieval fortification; Karasanovsky Park, Cape Plaka and Bird Island. 

Historic Monument Fortress Funa 

This fortresses was a part of  fortifications of the Principality of Theodoro, one of the strongest states of the Crimea of the XV century. It is interesting that Theodore was orthodox principality, it led a constant battle with the Genoese, who were also strong in those days in the Crimea. In the fortress was found cooker with five coats of arms, four of them - family crests of princes, and the fifth - the Byzantine character, later became the emblem of the Russian Empire. 

Valley of Ghosts 

Mount Demerdzhi, or rather, its slopes - this is a unique conglomeration of rocks, which are called stone chaos. 

Alushta Chatyr DagChatyr-Dag 

Chatyr-Dag in Turkic means' Chambers - Mountain or Tent-Mountain.  This title was not by accident - from a distance, from the north, it really reminds tent. 

Karst cavesof Chyter-Dag 

Chater-Dag (plateau and caves) is a natural reserve of Crimea. 

Cape Sauter 

Sauter is a Cape to the east of Alushta, the legendary Nudist parkins "Chlam "and "Limonia" are located there. 

Stow Karabi-Yayla 

National Botanical reserve (1978) is located on the lower Karabi-yayla karst plateau of the main Crimean ridge. 

Alushta KarstCrimean Mountain Karst Preserve 

Crimean Mountain Karst Preserve is a State Geological Preserve (1989). It is located within the upland plateau Karabi-Yaula. 


Vertex of Demerdzhi raised to 1240 meters above sea level. Flat area covered with thick tall grass. 

Angarsk pass 

Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains to the east of the array Chater-Dag cuts Angarsk pass (752 metres above sea level).

Accommodation in Alushta 

Alushta HotelThe resort has many hotels, guest houses, small hotels and other. Tourists who want to spent a Summer vacation in Alushta will easily find a place to stay. Those who want the ultimate in comfort are welcomed to perfect hotels, inns and resorts. If you want to find a cheap Summer vacation in Alushta, at your disposal mini - hotels, motels and private rentals. There are also sport bases for travelers arriving to Alushta. 

Winter Holidays in Alushta

Winter vacation in the Crimea has always been and remains popular. Winter holiday in Alushta is for those who do not fit the summer climatic conditions. At that time, many resorts offer recreational respites and treatment. Winter vacation in the Black Sea in Alushta is good for older people and tourists who come to the resort to have a heal. It is also the most affordable prices in winter. Experienced professionals working in nursing homes, will help deliver a reliable diagnosis and choose a course of treatment. If you have not yet decided on a place to relax, come - hotels, guest houses, holiday resort - are waiting for their guests. 

Alushta Valley of Ghosts Video

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