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Vacation Spots

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Even in ancient times in Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttia a tradition of painting eggs.They were painted by the special technology of wax and paint with natural or aniline dyes. These eggs were called pysanka. They very quickly became part of the Easter ritual. Maybe this is why many gutsulsky egg depicted crosses, churches, bell towers, inscriptions with the Easter greetings. Today it is a unique vacation spot.

In the museum complex "Kiev fortress" is an ancient defensive tower № 5. It is located newfangled museum - Museum of the toilet. These vacation spots are cpmbined. Such vacation spots is a single collections in Eastern Europe. Visitors of vacation spots who go to this museum can see for themselves that this exhibition is unique, in parallel to test his sense of humor. The location of the museum will allow the tourists to get acquainted not only with the exposition, but also learn the history of the Kiev fortress vacation spots.

Vacation spots in beautiful cities of Ukraine
Lutsk is a present European city, with accurate pure streets, vacation spots, green parks and beds. The centre, «the Old city», differs remembered architectural beauty. In a city there is a set of cafe, antique shops, the entertaining centres, арт galleries. In holidays in a city pass scale exhibitions of national creativity, vacation spots with a cheerful folk music.

Odessa - a pearl of Ukraine
Odessa existed from a XVIII-th century as exclusively seaport, gradually expanding and developing. Today Odessa name the Ukrainian capital of humour, and at all in vain of what it is possible to be convinced, having walked on a city, having communicated to local residents. In a city at sufficient level the infrastructure and the tourism industry is developed, on a standard of living it practically concedes nothing to Kiev.

Romantic Lvov
Lvov — the biggest and beautiful city in the Western Ukraine, with the greatest quantity of architectural and historical monuments which represent a mix of various styles and epoch. Lvov annually visits millions tourists - as from Ukraine, and from abroad.

Alexandria Park in White Church
The white Church is a city in the Kiev area, also well-known for the magnificent park, Alexandria, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Uman – the regional centre in the Cherkassk area, located on merge of two rivers. The city is known for the sights, first of all park "Софиевка" popular as among foreign tourists, and inhabitants of Ukraine.

Visit Pirogovo
On suburb of Kiev there is a historical museum open-air "Pirogovo". Its big enough territory is broken into sectors where national dwellings from almost all areas of Ukraine are presented. The museum acquaints visitors with architecture the traditional has sat down Ukraine, a country life, national clothes and creativity. Each small house is a small museum.

Vacation in Kiev
Kiev – capital of Ukraine, its cultural, administrative, political centre. To Kiev more than 1500, it is rich with culture and art monuments, vacation spots, the entertaining centres. To begin acquaintance to Kiev costs from the Gold gate built in XI century, opposite to them now there is a metro station with the similar name.

Tourism in Ukraine
Ukraine is a picturesque country in the south of the Eastern Europe, one of the greatest on territory, with very developed culture, rich national traditions and the various nature. Annually Ukraine is visited by millions tourists from the different countries of the world. The population most part - Ukrainians, make a considerable part also Russian, Bulgarians, Byelorussians, Moldavians and the Crimean Tatars.


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