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Vacation Spots

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Yalta Cathedral of St. Alexander NevskyCathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky is the main Orthodox Cathedral in Yalta, one of vacation spots of the city. The cathedral was built in the late 19th century in honor of Emperor Alexander II, who was killed by Russian terorists. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries Yalta was a kind of "summer resort capital".  All Yaltians were collecting funds for the building. In 1938 the church was closed, the bells sent to the facility. Sports club was made inside the cathedral, and Teacher's House  was made in the school building. Service at the cathedral was reopened in 1942. After the liberation of the Crimea the church was registered as "actually existing". Currently daily worships take place in this vacation spot cathedral. School operates at the church since 1995.

The house-museum of Anton Chekhov in YaltaThe interior of the vacation spot is preserved as it was May 1, 1904, the day of Chekhov’s departure from Yalta. Writer’s sister Maria Pavlovna made al her best to preserve the atmosphere of Chekhov house.  In 1921, Chekhov's house was declared a museum, and writer’s sister Maria Pavlovna Chekhova, who lived with him all the time, was appointed guardian of the house. She managed to save the priceless legacy of Anton Chekhov during the Nazi occupation. She just saved for us this vacation spot. In 1966,  literary exhibition building appeared close to Chekhov's estate.  Maria Pavlovna Chekhova  was a museum director for 36 years until her last day (May 15, 1957). Dining room, bedroom and a study of the writer remained in the just as they were in Chekhov's life. 

Kerch FortressFortress "Kerch" (or fort "Totleben", so called by the name of its creator) is the only well preserved fortress in Ukraine. The fortress is considered a specimen of military engineering. Totleben created his masterpiece of fortification art in XIX century. Today it is a unique vacation spot opened for visiting by tourists.  General system of fortress contained such components: the fort "Totleben", several bastions, ravelin, the Minsk and Vilennsky lunette, Lithuanian battery, Ak-Burunskiy strengthening, caponiers, redyuit, mortars, shore batteries, etc. All these objects are perfect vacation spots. November 16, 1920 after the capture of the fortress of Kerch by the Red Army, MF Frunze telegraphed the cessation of civil war.

The resort has many vacation spots, guest houses, small hotels and other. Tourists who want to spent a Summer vacation in Alushta will easily find a place to stay. Those who want the ultimate in comfort are welcomed to perfect hotels, inns and see vacation spots. If you want to find a cheap Summer vacation in Alushta (Crimea, Ukraine), at your disposal mini - hotels, motels and private rentals. There are also sport bases for travelers arriving to Alushta to see vacation spots. In the city located Museum of Sergeyev-Tsensky, museum of Shmelev. Near the holiday hotel "Northern Dvina” - the ruins of a Byzantine fortress of VI century "Aluston" and other vacation spots. Near the highway Simferopol-Alushta located Museum of Natural History and  Kutuzovsky Fountain.  

There is a great set of entertainment and vacation spots in Ukrainian city Sevastopol  during Summer. The city has a developed infrastructure and perfect vacation spots, so you will not be bored here in Summer. Restaurants, bars, billiards, disco, boating, flying deltoplane, excursions... Summer tourism of Sevastopol offers fun on the water rides, horse riding, bowling, sailing, scuba diving, wine tours, caving, jeep safari, aviaekskursii, cruises. Special vacation spots - Aquarium, Dolphinarium and the Oceanarium, where you can not just watch the performance, but also swim with dolphins. Count’s  Pier (Grafskaya Pristan’), Monument to the Scuttled Ships, Chapel of St. George, Fraternal cemetery of Sevastopol defenders 1854 - 1855's, Constantine Ravelin, Chersonese National Park, Sapun Mountain, Defensive Tower of Malakhov Hill, Panorama Defence of Sevastopol in 1854-1855., Monument to Kazarsky,  Nakhimov Square, and more vacation spots of Crimea

Kolomyia Vacation SpotsKolomyia is a magical corner of the natural Ukrainian Carpathian landscape with numerous vacation spots. It is also an important spiritual, cultural, artistic and economic center of the region with a rich and glorious history, which attracts scholars and artists from all over Ukraine and abroad with its vacation spots. Tourists from all over the world hurry to see unique vacation spots, collections in museums, visit mountain ski resorts... Kolomyia is located in the southeastern part of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, halfway between Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi, just between mountain ski resorts. Due to its favorablevacation spots and location, the city received from tourists very aptly title of "Gateway to the Carpathians". 

Vacation spot Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale" was founded in 1995 and during that time it was attended more than 1 million people. This is the first private zoo in the former USSR. Nowdays, the "Tale" is vacation spot and home to over 120 species of animals brought from all over the globe. Many of the animals came here with injury and nursed by employees. In recent years, zoo animals bought on international contracts concluded with the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Here you can see pelicans, squirrels, monkeys, Ussuri tigers, rabbits, Himalayan bears, peacocks, ostriches and many other animals and birds. Each animal in the zoo vacation spot has a name written on the label. With each of them visitor can be photographed. On the territory of "Fairy Tales" all the time hear the music with the sounds of wildlife. On the territory of vacation spot located many souvenir shops, cafes and funny trick mirrors. This zoo is different from others, you can feed the animals and touch all but the predators. 

NIKITSKI BOTANICAL GARDEN VACATION SPOTTown Nikita located between Yalta and Gurzuf. Vacation spot located on Nikitskaya yaila - one of the forestry of Yalta mountain forest reserve. On the slopes of the plateau originated many mountain streams and interesting vacation spots. Intense aromas of pine forest air plateau, descending to the coast, makes the climate salubrious. Imagine its flavor on the plateau itself! In 1984, Nikita established Research Complex on the protection of geological environment of the Crimea. It is carried out systematic analysis of stocks and the dynamics of underground waters of the peninsula, is tracked for landslides. Visit this vacation spot!

Water Museum vacation spot in KievThis vacation spot is located in Kiev. Inside vacation spot the first city water tower, which was built in 1872 - 1876 years., Opened the "Museum of Water". This happened in 2003. Main task of the vacation spot and museum staff - to provide more information to people on the Earth's hydrosphere and water resources of Ukraine. In addition, the museum highlights the issues on the technology of safe drinking water in central water supply, provides tips on management of water resources. In fact, in this vacation spot museum you will find out literally everything about water. In the rooms of the museum posted operating models that can demonstrate how water behaves on the surface and underground.

Hersonissos vacation spotDeparting from the city of Sebastopol, just in a few minutes you come to the territory of vacation spot, the ancient state. In the V century BC on the territory of Tavrida Greek settlers founded the city of Hersonissos. Its ruins are well preserved, there is a vacation spot nowdays. Now here is created an archaeological museum, which is always opened for visits. Hersonissos is recognized as one of the best vacation spots and Seven Wonders of Ukraine. Translated from the Greek "Hersonissos" means "peninsula". And indeed, the city was built on a peninsula between the bays. The name of the Tauride he received from the warlike tribe, who inhabited the nearby mountain area, and gave its name to the vacation spot. 


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