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Skiing in Crimea

06 Dec 2012 9:55 PM
Winter has come, and many people want a weekend of skiing, sledding and snowboarding. Ukraine Vacation Guide discovered Crimean peaks where people can skiing this winter, both beginners and professionals. Of course Crimean mountains can not be compares with Alps, but those who can not visit an alpine  ski resort, Crimea is the perfect place for mounting skiing.

Here is a unique combination of mountains and sea. Just imagine skiing down the mountain range looking at the winter seascape.

Skiing on Ai Petri

Skiing on Ai Petri, crimea, UkraineAi-Petri is the most famous point where you will find ski slopes, take a horse ride and stay in a warm cafe.

It is believed that Ai-Petri is good start for ski beginners, as there are many gentle slopes. There are nine electrical ski lifts on Yalta yaila. Length is from 300 to 1300 meters. They can lift up to 2000 people per hour.

Snow on Yayla lays for five months from December to late April, but the weather is very unpredictable in the Crimea. Real spring can start in winter with warm and sunny days.

There are slopes of 12 to 18 degrees. View from the mountain is amazing. Such towns and cities, as Gurzuf, Yalta, Mishor and of course - the sea spread at the bottom.

Ski club on the Ai-Petri was founded in 1986 in Yalta. At the top of the mountain, the club has its own village with 60 houses, a hostel for 22 seats for guests and leisure center. So tourists who come to Ai-Petri for a few days, do not have problems with accommodation. Distance from the hostel to the ski lift is no less than 3 km. You can cover it by snowmobile, which adds excitement to the journey.

Skiers can get to slopes of Ai-Petri by cable car from Mishor, or by road from Yalta (turn to Bakhchisarai).

Skiing on Chater-Dag (Angarsk pass)

Chater dag skiing, CrimeaThere is one more significant mountain in the peninsula. It is Chater-Dag (Angarsk pass). To be precise, it is a saddle between the mountains of the main Crimean ridge: Chatyrdag in the West and Demerdzhi in the East. Its height is 752 meters above sea level.

If you are lucky with the weather snow can lay there up to April. They say that Chater-Dag is a Mecca of skiers.

It is easy to get there. Just an hour away by trolleybus from Simferopol, and you are there.

The lift is 3 rope tows, total length 1,550 meters (650, 600, 300), the height is 750 meters. The first track is for beginners, its length is 650 meters. It is very simple and slight slope, with queues for the lift for 30-40 minutes.

The second track stretches for 600 meters, it can be described as skiing in the woods, though with the exception of 2-clearings, which are just perfect for fans of extreme sports.

The third track of 300 meters is extremely avalanche. It is the central couloir of Chater-Dag. In some places, there is slope of 55-60 degrees and rocks. Unfortunately many crosses for dead skiers create additional problems for skiing.

What else?

In addition to the ski slopes, there are toboggan runs that are in the area of Lake Kutuzov. It will not be difficult to find the lake, as there are a lot of pointers. In winter the lake is ice-bound and covered with snow.

After rising to a plateau Chater-Dag, you can ski on gentle slopes of the southern slope of the mountain Eklizi, there is a lift with height of 200 meters. It is a place  where snoy lays the longest time.

You can think of other entertainment, such as jump from cliffs or the snow drifts. In this case you will have to get on the trolley line Simferopol-Alushta, 8 kilometers from Alushta. Or from the trolley, bus