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24 Dec 2010 2:54 PM
Yaremcha – is a mountain climatic resort located ashore the Prut river, in a picturesque hollow between mountains. Through Yaremcha passes road to the highest top of Carpathians Mountains - Goverla. For recreation in Yaremcha come tourists from all corners of the world. Fascinating landscapes attract enamoured, brave and strong people for new impressions, feelings and a peace of mind. Recreation in Yaremcha is fine at any time of the year. Irrespective of a season on a resort you will find numerous rest houses, boarding houses, sanatoria, tourist bases and hotels in Yaremcha. Usually tourists come to Yaremcha for recreation not for skiing. On mountain-skiing slopes they go from Yaremcha to Bukovel and Vorohta. The minibus to Bukovel costs 1,5$ per person. There is 1 rope tow for skiers in length of 300 m, the slope for beginning skiers, works irregularly. The price for pair skis from 8$/hour, pledge - the passport works about 10 points of hire of ski equipment. 

How to reach Yaremcha 

* the Train Lvov-Rahov leaves Ivano-Frankovsk at 19.00, in Yaremcha at 21.01.
* Electric trains: From Ivano-Frankovsk (departure at 9:10, Yaremcha at 11:28), Vorohta, Kolomya, Rahov;
* Set of minibuses from Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitskiy, Ternopol, Kiev, Chernovtsy.

Sights of Yaremcha 

It is necessary to visit: the Castle in Svirzhe (36 km), Castle Tustan (56 km), Skolevsky Beskids (62 km), Templ (70 km), Church of St. Iosifata in village New Lodina (72 km).
In Yaremcha visit fall Surf through which built a bridge at height of 12 m, Karpatsky museum of local lore of emancipating struggle, a museum of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky.
We recommend to walk on an ecologic-informative track "on mountain Chernogoritsa" in the length 6,5 km. Here the open-air with deer, wild boars, foxes is located. It costs about 0,25$.

In the summer it is possible to undertake the pedestrian ascensions on surrounding mountains: they are small (about 1000-1400 metres). One of the most known and readily available tops - mountain Makovitsa (987). There are lots of routes, one of them conducts by well-known Dovbush Rocks.

In surrounding villages there is a number of Historic Landmarks: Church of Nativity of 18 centuries in Vorohta, Church of the Holy Trinity of 17 centuries in Mikulichin Church of St. Elijah a in village Dora of 20 centuries.

The order of excursions: +380343422728 +380504338196 Hotel Polaris. Street Vitovsky, 22.

Shops of Yaremcha

there is a supermarket Favourite and about 20 grocery shops, in the center of Yaremcha. Shops work from 8:00 till 22:00, a supermarket Favourite from 8:00 till 23:00. Operate souvenir markets.

Winter in Yaremcha

In the winter Yaremcha turns to fantastic town. Adherents of winter can take  in Yaremcha  pleasure in skiing or a sledge. But the majority of fans of productive leisure, nevertheless, prefer to go for a drive on nearby resorts – Bukovel, Dragobrat, Vorohta, Jablunitsa. It is simple to reach– from autostation shuttle buses and fixed-route taxis, also you can agree about a transfer in any hotel or a cottage. It concerns equipments as well. It can be hired in any point of hire. Recreation in Yaremcha also will be good for for fans of skiing, a sledge and a snowboard in the spring. Snow on Dragobrat remain till the end of spring so if you didn't have a possibility to arrive on ski rest to Yaremcha in winter, come to Yaremcha in the spring. 

Recreation in Yaremcha in autumn and in summer

Summer and autumn - remarkable time for green tourism. Summer holiday Yaremcha includes pedestrian and horse walks on mountain valleys and coniferous woods, gathering of berries and mushrooms. Is ideally suited for informative excursions, bicycle walks and rafting in the autumn. 

Prices for recreation in Yaremcha

Prices in Yaremcha  are very different. First of all rates depend on level of comfort of the habitation, offered services, an arrangement, affinity to lifts. Despite presence of numerous the hotels and boarding houses, tourists like to hire private vacation rentals. Fact is that level of services in private vacation rentals almost same as as in hotels, but they are much more cheap. 

Recreation in Yaremcha  will remain in your memory for a long time. Here you can feel and understand all charm of green tourism. In Yaremcha you have an opportunity to correct health, get acquainted with various interesting places and take pleasure in beauty of this original country. 

Video of Yaremche

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