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Orjavchik Ski Resort

08 Dec 2010 12:05 PM
Orjavchik ski resortThe picturesque settlement Orjavchik is located in the heart of Carpathians, 15 km from Skole and 130 km from Lvov. To have a vacation in Orjavchik it is possible all year long: in the winter – mountain skiing, in the summer Orjavchik will offer you remarkable landscapes, fresh air, campaigns in mountains, bathing in the mountain river, fishing, and also interesting excursions.

Ski Tows in Orjavchik

* Base "Zveniv" has 2 row tows (350 and 960 metres), ski slopes of 1200 and 2000 meters, both are difficult. One is direct, another is flat through wood. There is a beby-tow. During week-end – turns on half an hour and more, works snowcat. Rates about 5-7 hrivnas;
* 4- seat tow with parking at once near a ski slope.  Slope is simple and not very interesting, on days off there are a lot of people. The price 10-12 hrivnas;
* Base "Orjavchik" - the ski tow of 400 meters, a slope for beginners. The tow is permitted only for tourists living on base.

Hire of skis in Orjavchik

The biggest one is located on base "Zveniv", several more – in manors. The choice is not very impressive it is better to bring a ski along.

Orjavchik Spots

In settlement there are remarkable monuments of architecture, such as wooden church and a belltower of 18 century, and also Bogojavlenska church of 1865

Where to eat in Orjavchik?

There is only one café in Orjavchik  – on base "Zveniv". And one restaurant-kolyba "At Ostap". Work till 22.00. The average price of 8$. Discos are sometimes spent.

How to get to Orjavchik

Train from Lvov in a direction of Uzhgorod can get you to Skole. Further the transfer (given by bases of Malva, Vanda, Orjavchik, auto/bus for 4-10 persons, about 20 hrn. per passanger) or minibuses, however isn't enough of them: 2-3 during a day. There are also direct buses on Orjavchik from Lvov.
If you go by car  choose a road Kiev-Chop Е-50/М-06, in village Kozeva – turn on Orjavchik. To Orjavchik about 5 km on good road, there is a tow on entrance to Orjavchik. Further the road goes on pass, then in distance of 1,5 km – Tysovets. There there is a military-Olympic base of rest. There are 2,5 km from tow to Olympic base.

Orjavchik  Entertainments

Tours on all-terrain vehicles are popular. There is a sauna on base "Zveniv", the big pool; on base "Malva" a bath on fire wood.

Shops in Orjavchik

Work till 21:00. In shops there is all necessary, but to find uneasy: they are often in the house without a signboard, ask locals.

Snowboarding in Orjavchik

Funny Ski Video from Orjavchik

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