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Bukovel Resort - Ski, Mountains And Fun!

28 Dec 2010 0:12 AM
Bukovel is one of the most famous resorts in Carpathian Mountains, located near the village of Polanica. Favourable geographical location – Bukovel is surrounded by an amphitheater of beautiful mountains - creates a comfortable environment to recreate in Bukovel. Unique climatic conditions, extraordinary beauty of the Carpathian mountains, beautiful landscapes, as well as mineral springs attract for recreation and treatment in Bukovel large number of tourists.

Resort Bukovel – is a place which is ideally combines excellent facilities for sport and fun hanging out with the peace and quiet.Those who have ever visited mountains of Bukovel, in this corner of the fabulous snow in the winter, which wandered through the first spring thawed, who breathed with this crystal clear air, return Bukovel again and again. Recreation in Bukovel is great at any season, but first of all, Bukovel is the ski resort, so the best time to come to Bukovel is winter.

How to get to Bukovel

From Ivano-Frankivsk 110 km, 245 km from Lviv, 250 km from Ternopil.

* Rail: Train Kiev-Ivano-Frankivsk (12 hours). From Ivano-Frankivsk go by bus or train to Vorohta, from there a shuttle bus to ski resort Bukovel (3 hours).
* Drive car to Ivano-Frankivsk, then through towns Nadvornaya, Yaremche, Mykulychyn and Tatarov. It would take 11-12 hours as the roads are poor.

Entertainment in Bukovel

* Disco Kolyba from 19:00 on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays; 
* Broadcasting of sports events: a lounge cafe restaurant Kozachok works around the clock;
* Summer Bike Park with the three routes of different difficulty levels, with a total length of 11 km.

Slopes for skiing in Bukovel

The village is surrounded by mountains that protect it from winds. Very well-groomed slopes, lots snow cannons and snowcat  work. Skiing lines are laid in grassy ground. Slopes are lit and night skiing is possible, but only for experienced skiers.

14 ski lifts, 50 km of trails. Depending on the day of the week rising price vary from $ 3 to $ 5. Advantageous to purchase a subscription for a certain number of rises or days. Longest lifts: Bukovel (1127 m, № 2), Dovga (1372 m, № 12),  Babyn Pohar (1180 m, № 14).

Sightseeing of Bukovel

You can go on a tour to the town Delyatyn (25 km), look there a church;  to Pnevskiy Castle (32 km) to Sheshorsky Hook - one of the most beautiful waterfalls (44 km). It is also worth to walk by the path of Dovbush - Galician liberator (15 km), visit Manjavsky Skit - an ancient and still active monastery (33 km), and not far away, in a valley - Manjavsky waterfall.

Tours to Bukovel winter mounting skiing

The winter season lasts from November to May. Mountain lovers from all over the world come to mounting skiing resort of Bukovel to improve their skills or just enjoy an active winter recreation in Bukovel. Bukovel is one of the best ski resorts with excellent facilities for a comfortable skiing. On a skiing holiday in Bukovel tourists enjoy numerous snow slopes: for both beginners and experienced skiers. Those who crave adrenaline rush on a skiing holiday in Bukovel find there extreme virgin slopes. For beginners work ski schools and instructors. All slopes are lit and give possibility for evening skiing. Also tourists find there comfortable lifts - chair and rope. There is separate lift for children and beginners. In addition to snowboarding and skiing, a winter holiday in Bukovel tourists can diversify with sledding and skating. But the most important thing is that in Bukovel always much snow. Trails are located on the prepared slopes, equipped with snow cannons and snowcat. So if you want to get into this winter, breathe the fresh air and spend an active vacation in the winter - Bukovel is what you need.

Vacation in Bukovel during summer, spring and autumn

Bukovel is a resort without bad weather. It is always beautiful. Summer holidays in Bukovel are full of green meadows and forests, blue lakes and majestic mountains. Bukovel summer is a popular place for mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Recreation in Bukovel during autumn impress with bright colors and flavors of herbs and flowers. Autumn in Bukovel - is picking berries and mushrooms, fishing, horseback riding. Spring Recreation in Bukovel - is a fascinating tourist routes and excursions, rafting and more.

Prices and accommodation in Bukovel

The first thing take care about on holiday is, of course, the choice of housing. Bukovel offers  tourists rich choice of housing. On the territory of resort and its outskirts located plenty of hotels, cottages, farms and mini-hotels. Many have saunas, spas, cafes, bars, kolybas, hire of ski equipment. The price of holidays in Bukovel depends on several factors. First, the proximity to the ski lifts: the closer, the more expensive. Second, season: summer prices are low, winter holidays in Bukovel are more expencive. Third, the level of housing. But regardless of the level of prosperity, everyone will be able to find a suitable accommodation in Bukovel. You can book a tour, which will include all services or all services can be ordered separately. Recreation and skiing in Bukovel offers variety of national celebrations and benefits of the soul and body!

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