Poppy fields of the Crimea
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Poppy fields of the Crimea

05 May 2012 5:15 PM
Poppy fields of the CrimeaUkraine Vacation Guide will tell you where to go for scenic shots. Late spring is the time when immediately, during 1-2 days, Crimean peninsular turns red due to blooming poppies. Entire fields bloom in the steppe zone, on the slopes of the mountains and even in cities. They bloom for short time. Gorgeous crimson placers will melt in a week like the perfect vision. 

Photographers from cities, and even other countries seek to capture this amazing natural phenomenon. Only in the Crimea one can see a combination of flowering fields, whimsical cliffs and emerald sea.

Poppy is known for passing bloom. A full-blown bud of the morning could have showered to the evening. On tourist trails of the north-west Crimea and South Coast you can see several species of wild poppies.

Typically, the mass of poppies blooming begins in 20 days of May. If the spring is cool, they can blossom at early June. Some species bloom in early May. In dry years, there are fewer flowers, but if there is enough moisture - then the valleys are covered with scarlet carpet.

This year, due to rapidly ensuing heat, poppies can blooming earlier - in mid-May. Where to go in search of scenic shots?

Poppies in Sevastopol

Simferopol district

Fields of poppies are found just inside the line Simferopol - Sevastopol

Also on the track Simferoropl - Kherson, from the village of Hvardiis’ke, poppies bloom on both sides. Many red flowers can be seen near the cave city Buckle.

Sevastopol and the neighborhood

Poppies bloom profusely in the city, on vacant lots and woodlands. 

Crimson meadows bloom in the ruins of Chersonesus, near Inkerman, on the slopes around Balaklava. They also can be found beside the sea near Lyubimovka in Cossack Bay.

Poppy fields can be seen along the roads on the outskirts of the city in all directions, including the village Khmelnytskoe, and along the "road of the President" – detour road in the direction Mekkenzievi mountains.

Poppies in Crimea

Bakhchisaray District

Perhaps the most beautiful poppy landscapes can be found in the vicinity of the former capital of the Crimean Khanate. In Bakhchisarai area there is even a town called Red Poppy. It is located in Korolesska Valley, which is completely covered the wild poppies. Poppies bloom on approaches to cave cities Mangup Kale and Eski-Kerman. On the territory of Eski-Kerman Russian action film "9 рота" was shot. And Crimean poppies also appeared in this film.

On the way to Mangup all slopes are covered with a carpet of colorful wildflowers.

Another famous "poppy" place is a village Tank. Blooming poppies can be seen from both sides of the road from Bakhchisarai to Tank, Ternovka and Chernorechenskoya.

Poppy fields also can be found on the outskirts of the Siren, on the way to Sokolyne, near the village of Priyatnoe Svidanie (Pleasant Rendezvous).

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