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Kharkiv projection show

03 Sep 2010 9:45 AM
Projection show with the building of the local "White House" in Kharkov passed first time. With the help of computer animation, which used the architectural features of the building of Regional State Administration, local Kulibin produced shocking spectacle.

First, on this building, as in a computer game, cartoon appeared curtain. After he parted, there was a presentation. That one by one began losing the support columns and the roof fell with a huge golden balls. Then suddenly out of the ground took off a cloud of black ravens. That house, which usually inhabit officials turned into an aquarium with a huge fish. And the culmination of successive events was the collapse: the middle of the building began to fall out whole sections, while almost all the floors are not scattered at all. In the house crashed into an asteroid.

However, all ended well: in the morning officials headed by the governor came to their jobs as if nothing had happened. Everything was intact.

All these wonders with the use of 3D installations established in Kharkiv electronic engineers. For this projection show at the Freedom Square was established several powerful projectors that would be collected as flat images into three-dimensional image. In the center stood the media server.

For the sake of a spectacle that cost to go on a holiday area, assured all who saw this show personally. But as it turned out, and the video too, impresses.

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