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26 Sep 2011 11:57 AM
Chernivtsi is located in the South-western Ukraine. It is the historic center of Bukovina and the administrative center of Chernivtsi region.

Alongside  with Lviv it is a big cultural center of western Ukraine.  

Chernivtsi is one of the few cities in Ukraine, which is rightly considered to be the pearl of architecture. Historical buildings of the old city are holistic, almost untouched by the time the architectural ensemble of XIX - early XX century, were created by members of the Viennese school of Otto Wagner's Art Nouveau.

town HallFor almost two centuries the central area of Chernovtsy, formerly known as Market Square or Ringplyats has been the heart of the city. The idea of creating the area was born by the Austrian emperor Joseph II. In 1786, during his visit to Chernovtsy he proposed to build the market on the southern edge of what was then a spacious square. The market area was completed only after the construction of  the Town Hall there in the 40s of XIX century. , which forever cemented its status as a center of the city. It was built in the style of late classicism with a high tower and a courtyard. 

Today, from the balcony of the tower every day at 12 a.m. sharp, on all four sides the melody "Marichka"  is played by a trumpeter in a Bukovynian folk costume.

During the 1900-1901 the building of Directorate of Bukovina Savings Bank appeared next to the Town Hall. Today it houses the Art museum designed by a Viennese architect Hubert Gessner.

One of the tourist attractions is the Theatre Square.  At the end of the XVIII century there used to be the suburb of the city where a dense forest began. In the middle of the XIX century people traded there in grain, and later in fish, so it became known as Fishplyats

Opera House of ChernivtsiThe active period of its development began in the first decade of the XX century. Reincarnation of the urban market place into the imposing and stylish European area was due to constructing there the city's new theater in 1904-1905.  Chernovtsy Drama Theatre is the creation of the famous Viennese firm Fellner and Helmer, known in Europe for construction of 43 opera houses, including Vienna and Odessa Operas.

Chernivtsi UniversityAmong the architectural monuments of Chernivtsi a special place is occupied by the architectural ensemble of the former residence of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmatia, where Chernovtsy National University is located today. Metropolitan residence was built in 1882 due to the efforts of Bishop Evgen Gakman. Back in 1863, he won the Austrian emperor's permission to build a new residence worthy of the capital of Bukovina.

Chernovtsy is situated not far from the towns of Kamenetz-Podolsk and Hotyn where located historic fortresses. Interesting excursions can be made there.

Video of Chernivtsi

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