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Romantic Vacation

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Livadia is the state museum, which in former times was the romantic vacation summer residence of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. This is one of the most visited museums in Ukraine. Worldwide, the palace became famous after the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition stayed Crimean conference. It was at Livadia was defined international politics for the next 50 years after the war. Livadia Palace - a main attraction in Yalta, one of the best monuments of architectural and romantic vacation landscape art in the world.

Celebrate the holiday without leaving home for a romantic vacation, you can for 100-500 dollars. The cost depends on the location you have chosenfor a romantic vacation. Alternatively, you can stay near Kiev, for example, in the nearby spa, offering a "holiday romantic vacation". This service includes accommodation in a double room, meals and list of medical procedures (if desired). The resort you can swim in the pool, visit the massages, walk in the park paths. And just to spend romantic vacation with your half to one.


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