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Romantic Vacation

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Poppy fields of the CrimeaUkraine Vacation Guide will tell you where to go for scenic shots. Late spring is the time when immediately, during 1-2 days, Crimean peninsular turns red due to blooming poppies. Entire fields bloom in the steppe zone, on the slopes of the mountains and even in cities. They bloom for short time. Gorgeous crimson placers will melt in a week like the perfect vision. Photographers from cities, and even other countries seek to capture this amazing natural phenomenon. Only in the Crimea one can see a combination of flowering fields, whimsical cliffs and emerald sea. Poppy is known for passing bloom. A full-blown bud of the morning could have showered to the evening. On tourist trails of the north-west Crimea and South Coast you can see several species of wild poppies. Typically, the mass of poppies blooming begins in 20 days of May.

Everyone knows that Lviv is one of the most romantic Europian cities. Its cozy cafes and narrow old streets became a legend among Ukrainians and tourists around the world. Lviv Pharmacy Museum is one of places which created image of Lviv which became one of the best places for a romantic vacation. It is located in the very center of the city, on the corner of Market Square. Ukraine Vacation guide's advise is following: this placa is must to be visited during your Lviv romantic vacation!

UzhgorodLooking for a romantic vacation? Follow an advice of Ukraine Vacation Guide and go to Uzhgorod! They call Uzhgorod "the city of poets and painters”. It’s not surprising, because the atmosphere of this cozy old multicultural city offers for oeuvre, and a lot of Ukrainian artists really live there or often visit this inspiring place. Beautiful landscapes, fresh mountain air, loads of architectural and historical attractions, inexpensive cafes (that propose delicious dishes and local grape wine) and cheap souvenirs attract visitors to the city. The most famous attractions of Uzhgorod are:  Uzhgorod Castle, Roman Catholic Church of St. George, Uzhhorod's Philharmonic Orchestra (former synagogue), Greek Catholic Cathedral and the Residence of Bishops, Botanical Garden, Museum of Folk Architecture, Uzhgorod Central Rail Terminal and many others. 

ChernivtsiStart your romantic vacation travel to Chernivtsi right now! Ukraine Vacation Guide will help you to find all sights of this nice place. Chernivtsi is one of the few cities in Ukraine, which is rightly considered to be the pearl of architecture. Historical buildings of the old city are holistic, almost untouched by the time the architectural ensemble of XIX - early XX century, were created by members of the Viennese school of Otto Wagner's Art Nouveau. Chernovtsy Drama Theatre is the creation of the famous Viennese firm Fellner and Helmer, known in Europe for construction of 43 opera houses, including Vienna and Odessa Operas. Chernovtsy is situated not far from the towns of Kamenetz-Podolsk and Hotyn where located historic fortresses. Interesting excursions can be made there. 

Ivano-Frankovsk is an administrative center of the Ivano-Frankovsk oblast, the considerable economic and cultural center of the West of Ukraine. There are lots of romantic vacation resorts around Ivano-Frankovsk. To 1962 was called Stanislavov. Population of a city is 240 678 inhabitants (for May, 1st, 2010). In 1962 the city hasn'ted the 300 anniversary. It has been renamed and since then bears a name of the outstanding Ukrainian writer and public figure Ivan Franko which repeatedly visited the romantic vacation city, wrote and read his literature things. During romantic vacation you visit: the Armenian Church, a Cathedral of Sacred Revival, Parish Sacred Conception Cathedral of Maiden Maria...

Bakhchisarai romantic vacationOld Bakhchisarai is located at the foot of the steep weathered rocks in the river valley Tchuruk-Su. People settled here for forty thousand years ago, but nearby at the river Alma, found a settle that goes down in history for 80 thousand years. Very good place for a romantic vacation. With the tread of centuries surf rolled and settled here peoples, creating odd mixture of diverse cultures. Tauris and Scythians, Greeks, and Alans, Goths, and Sarmatians, Huns, Khazars and Pechenegs written in the pages of centuries-old history of these romantic vacation places. In the XIII century to the Taurica came seven Mongol ulus, forming Crimean Yurt. Each year thousands of people from all corners of the earth tend to Bakhchisarai  for a romantic vacation.

Kiev Romantic VacationKyiv - perfect romantic vacation destination, capital of Ukraine, one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe. Kiev located in the middle flow of the Dnieper River, in northern Naddnipryaschyna. Leading cultural, political, socio-economic and scientific center and very charming place to see. Its population is 2,786,518 people (as of 01/06/2010) area - 839 square kilometers.  Kiev and it's suburbs create agglomeration with an aggregate population of over 4 million inhabitants. In Kiev there are 27 museums, 25 theaters and studios to spend a romantic vacation. Such as National Academic Opera and Ballet of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet, Theatre for Young People, National Academic Drama Theatre...

Great projection show took place in Kharkiv at 24-th of August during romantic vacation. The show was devoted to Independent Day of Ukraine. Watch video of the show. 

Jazz Koktebel Festival  - the largest and probably the most inspired romantic vacation open-air event in Ukraine and Russia. Genius of Max Voloshin, inspired the organizers to create a festival here, for the past eight years, wins a good three dozen of thousands of good people from their homes for three days of romantic vacation of sleepless joy and memories for the next five years. This - the community of Koktebel Jazz Festival: Pilgrims of freedom, drive, romantic vacations and cultural communication. We are so happy together! Justifying the hope and anticipation of ecstatic experience, the festival is steadily moving forward: we intend to continue to develop as a leader of the right open-air movement for people who are waiting for a whole year for September, to give jazz among thousands like themselves. Jazz Koktebel - more than Jazz Festival ... "One of the objectives of the perfect romantic vacation ...

6, 7 and 8 August 2010 in town Shelkino for the third time will take place romantic vacation Music and Contemporary Art Festival "The nearby World". In early August 2010 in the Tatar bay on the coast of Azov Sea is the third time will be Music and Contemporary Art Festival "The nearby world-2010", known for its unique atmosphere of harmony, romantic vacation and simple human communication, with kindness, as a neighbor. History of the Festival has its roots in 2006, when little-known musician friends from Moscow have decided to spend a romantic vacation in the Crimea and in any case took a guitar along. Impromptu concerts for a few hours collected in the beach bar appreciative audience who came for a romantic vacation


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