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Yalta Promenade

14 Jul 2011 4:59 PM
Yalta PromenadeLenin embankment is the central promenade of Yalta, one of the oldest streets in the city. The embankment is surrounded by palm trees. There are  numerous attractions, bars, cafes and restaurants. The architecture of the quay is a variety of styles. Yalta embankment is  paved with red granite and polychrome light gray porphyries. The quay was paved with slabs of various igneous rocks in 2002-2004. Numerous objects that presented famous pre-revolutionary Yalta were restored.

In 1837, poet, V.A. Zhukovsky found on Yalta quay only one building, the customs. Until 1886 Yalta Quay was a common foreshore. The embankment was built by the project of architects AL Berthier-Garde and NM Shevtsova. It was raised, reinforced with stone blocks and surrounded by a metal railing that created the illusion of the spacecraft. In order to protect the embankment of storms in 1961 it was made a two-step.  

Yalta QuayBuildings of the Main Post Office, exhibition hall of the Union of Artists, the International Marine Club, the restaurant "McDonald's" and amusement rides are located on Yalta Promenade. There is also a favorite meeting place for young people. It is monument of Lenin sheltered by palm trees. 

The western part of Yalta quay is known for building of Oreanda hotel, schooner-cafe "Hispaniola" (built for the film shooting) and flying design of "Golden Fleece" café in the form of ancient Greek ship. There also stands Isadora sycamore with a huge ball-shaped crown, which is not less than 500 years old. Famous American dancer had dates with poet Sergei Yesenin under this magnificent tree. 

Yalta Embankment
Yalta Embankment is a scene of action a of many creatons of art and mass culture. The most famous among them are the story of AP Chekhov's "Lady with a Lapdog" and the film "Assa" by SA Solovyov. 
Cableway that leads up the hill Darsan begins in the middle of the embankment near the berths for ships of local lines and pleasure boats. 

Bridge over the river Wuchang-Su crosses the embankment in the western part.

Near the lower cable car station is a building of the hotel, which was built in 1875. In 1876 in the hotel lived very sick NA Nekrasov about two. 

He had treatment there and worked on the poem "Who Lives Well in Russia". An incredible number of famous names mentioned on a plaque of the hotel. The building is also interesting for its architecture and engineering solutions. 

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