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Weather in Ukraine

Ski resorts in Ukraine

22 Apr 2010 11:35 AM
Recently, mountain tourism is becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities in the world. Is no exception in this regard and Ukraine. Interest in studies skiing increased so much that experts and journalists go on about this "Ski explosion", "ski boom" and even "Ski Revolution. Doing skiing prestigious, interesting and very useful for health. Is extremely broad age range and social enthusiasts ski holiday - from kids to seniors, from housewives to politicians, from students to businessmen. The most popular ski use among urban residents, who every winter trying to find a way to leave the mountain, to improve their technique gornolyzhnuyu, relax, breathe the clean mountain air and enjoy the winter, learn the history and culture of the mountainous region.

Until recently, the majority of Ukrainian fans of this type of leisure focused on ski resorts in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Italy, Andorra and other countries in the world, as to fully satisfy their interests in Ukraine, they could not. Nevertheless, in recent years more and more of our fellow citizens place of sale of its "Ski Dreams" elected Ukrainian territory, especially the Carpathians. Popular ski resort in Ukraine are Bukovel, Slavske, Tysovets, district Borzhavski mountain valleys, PM Krasiya, towers, etc.

Ski Bukovel

The tourist complex is situated in Bukovel. Palyanytsya Ivano-Frankivsk region, a picturesque spot Carpathian national natural park 30 km from Yaremche, 110 km from Ivano-Frankovsk and 10 km from Yablunitskogo pass - the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. Village Palyanytsya begins 4 km from the main highway Lviv - Ivano-Frankivsk - Rakhiv - Uzhgorod. The complex is placed at a height of 920 m above sea level near the foot of the mountain Bukovel (start of 1139 m, the finish 920 m, the width of the slopes 120-150 m, slope angle 12-28 degrees). Total length of trails and slopes equal to 15,5 km.

On the slopes there are 4 ski lifts, ski tow on the mountain Bukovel - 750 m, the pair-chair lift to the mountain Bukovel - 1150 m, four-chair lift at Mount Black bite (1241 m) - 1700 m, the pair-chair lift to the mountain Bulchinoha (1455 m) - 2300 m, ski tow on the mountain Bulchinoha - 1000 m and two multipodemnika the mountain Bukovel length of 250 and 280 m. Descents of different categories of difficulty: black (for professionals), 5 red and 7 blue. Ski routes are equipped with a specially prepared slopes with a herbal base. All routes are equipped with snow cannons and protected from direct sunlight, making the snow lasts far longer than in other places. Tracy prepares to skating special "snegonabrasyvayuschey" and "snegoutrambovuyuschey" technique. Lighting allows you to ski slopes and in the evening.

In the tourist complex Bukovel operate rental equipment, luggage, items for changing, toilets, ski-service centers. Sports shops offer everything you need for leisure. Here also operates a ski school, where everyone will find something appropriate group and training under the guidance of experienced instructors, skiers. Customer's service cafes, bars, restaurants, hire, children's playgrounds, sauna, billiards, disco, parking. In Bukovel get the pleasure of skiing People of all ages and ability levels. Everyone can choose the route to your taste.
Ski Tysovets

Ski resort "Tysovets is located in the upper town Tysovets (basin. Dniester) at an altitude of 750 m above sea level (ski base at an altitude of 1,017 m), 2 km from. Oryavchyk, 32 km from the will Split off and 142 km from the city. Tysovets surrounded by steep slopes. This is one of the best places to winter recreation. No wonder it is often called the little Switzerland. The complex is ready to accept as skiers and other amateur and professional sports. In addition, it is entirely suitable for business meetings, conferences, seminars at the highest level.

The hotel skiers - 3 Descent: South (width 15-50 m, 400-500 m long, gentle slope with an average angle of 10 °); Northern (width 30-60 m, length 800 m, average slope 12), West (width 30-40 m, length 650 m, the average angle of 14 °). In addition, most with. Tysovets valid route length of 500 m. It runs a short lift. Wide steep slope. Also, anyone can use the route for cross-country skiing, jump from the 40 -, 70 -, 90-meter springboards, drive on the slopes for sledging.
Ski Slavske

Slavske assumed known and popular ski resorts of Ukrainian Carpathians, located 30 km from Skole and 130 km from the city. At the same time there can rest up to 5 yew. lovers of skiing and other winter sports. The natural arrangement of mountain ranges and the Beskid Gorgan around Slavskogo created a unique local microclimate, which provides a constant calm weather with plenty of snow precipitation in winter and a stable presence of snow almost by April. District Slavskogo there an ideal environmentally friendly, because within a radius of nearly 100 km no industrial enterprises with hazardous waste.

Back in the 30-pp. XIX century. in Slavsko were built extraction and jumps on the mountain Pohar. On the mountains Pohar and Ilsa were competitions in ski sports. And the special development Slavske began to acquire in 1980. On the slopes of the mountains Slavskii was built more than ten modern ski lifts and organized several children's sport in skiing. Slavske turned to the main ski resort in the former Soviet Union. Here occurred the annual championships of the USSR and Ukraine, as well as international competitions. By the time the route on the slopes of Trostyan were out of competition in comparison with ski Tracy in other regions of the USSR.

Since independence, Ukraine in connection with the increasing popularity of alpine skiing, Slavske deservedly becoming a "Ski Mecca" of Ukraine. Now, in Slavsko and suburbs work chairlift (2750 m) and 16 ski lifts. At most ski slopes work snegoutrambovuyuschie machines on Mount Pohar equipped with lighting for night skiing trails.

Slavske - it slopes at any level of complexity:
- Trostyan city - known for its slopes for both beginners and professionals, the length of the slope 2500 m;
- PM "Polytechnic" and Pohar - are in the heart of the ski resort, the length of their slopes is equal to 450 and 650 m respectively;
- PM Grabovets - the length of the slope 850 m;
- PM Crocus - the length of the slope in 1050

Slavske - a well-developed infrastructure of rest, where each hotel has a feeding centers with a large list of additional services. In addition, the winter in the village working rental ski equipment, service stations for repair and preparation of alpine skiing. A well-developed transport connection is Slavsky. Construct a modern railway station, where trains stop from all regions of Ukraine, as well as from foreign countries (Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria). Developed a network of suburban rail and road transport.
Ski Borzhavski mountain valleys. Pylypets. Ploshanka.

Borzhavski mountain valleys stretch to the border Volovets and Mizhgirya district, Transcarpathian region. It is here that creates a modern center of winter sports. Ideally suited for this terrain and climate, because here a long time there is snow, perfect for skiing is its structure. In the north-west Mizhgirya area almost on the border with Volovets area at an altitude of 700-750 m above sea level is located with. Pylypets. Near the village is located on g.Ploshanka reminder of nature, one of the largest and naiprekrasneyshih in the Ukrainian Carpathians Waterfalls Shypit.

Surrounded by wonderful views from. Pylypets is a famous place for winter and summer holidays, the place of hiking trails to the waterfall hiss ascents Borzhavski ridge tops Big Top (1599 m), Halt (1679 m), Guimba (1497 m), Gide Magura (1517 m). Pylypets Village is located 135 km from the city of Uzhgorod, 190 km from the city of Lviv, 90 km from the CMT Skole and 13 km from the city Volovec. On the outskirts of the village is 3 lifts: at the entrance of the village - the lift base "Comfort" (450 m) on Mount Guimba in Upper Pilipcya - lift "Borzhavski mountain valleys" and "Magura" (900 m).

Ski slope "Comfort" has a different equal complexity. The track runs parallel to the lift line. Flat top, it gradually becomes rapid and goes down in broad was out. The length of the descent of 700 m with a vertical drop of 150 m, width of the descent of 100-200 m, there are no bushes and trees. Different sections of the complexity of the shutter makes it attractive to skiers of different levels. Thanks to its convenient location near the road, the presence of rental, catering facilities and recreation - adds more active recreation satisfaction.

Fans of extreme descent can find a route in the forest. From the top of the lift witnesses of the wonderful views and seen gornolyzhnye routes are on the mountains Guimba and whitefish. The slope is equipped with artificial lighting. If there is good snow roll and does not require alignment. Capacity lift 180 people per hour.

Lift "Borzhavski mountain valley located on the northern slopes of Guimba. This is one of the longest high-speed ski lifts in the Ukrainian Carpathians to double clamp. Its length is 1500 m, elevation difference between the lower and upper stations is 402 m, rate of climb 3,2 m / sec. The rise of 7,5 min. Delivers skiers to the top station, situated at an altitude of 1,163 m above sea level. The average angle slopes 15 degrees, maximum 26, capacity - 600 people per hour. Two pistes with total length of about 4000 m will satisfy both professional and amateur ski with little experience. The last 300 meters Traes form a shallow and broad Loading the - favorite ridden by children and beginners. From the lower station of recovery carried horse transport tourists to the waterfall and Shypit. Podobovets.

Village Podobovets Mizhgirya district with. Pylypets create a kind of tandem. It is situated at an altitude of 780 m above sea level. The slope length of 1300 m is the main (central) descent and two arms - the right and left. All three lines converge at the bottom in the last third of the slope. Vertical drop 230 m. The upper part of slope length of 600 m is relatively steep (steep). The middle part, a length of 400 m - is the simplest. Further to the lower section length of 400 m slope becomes more rapid. At this point, all three converge in one arm down. Slopes cleared of undergrowth except for some trees, which in some places forced to attract attention.
Ski resort town Krasiya

The ski resort is situated on the slopes, the beautiful (1,036 m), overgrown deciduous forest, which is extremely rare in the Carpathians. Nearby villages Towers and Kostrino Velykyy area. Last lying on the route Lviv - Sambir - Uzhgorod. Tourist camps were built directly next to the lifts and in the surrounding villages. Rapidly developing and the private sector.

The trigger set is: one chair lift (length 2250 m), 2 lifts (length 600 m and 1000 m), three hook lift (length 150-300 m). These podemnikai routes are served by ski green and red levels of complexity. All slopes are uniformly flat, the width of the trigger passage 30-60 m. The Good, hard coating without humps. The track is prepared and rams, roll ratrakom. Trails are organized so that you can come down from the top of any of the ski lifts. In order to move to another lift to climb to the top.
Ski Yablunytsya

Yablunytsya Village is located 35 km from Yaremche, at an altitude of 960 m above sea level, on both sides of the highway, which runs from Ivano-Frankivsk to Uzhgorod. The snow cover persists throughout the winter. Yablunytsya rightly gained a reputation among the followers of active winter holidays due to numerous slopes suitable for skiing. Here are equipped with tracks of different difficulty levels. Hire is ski. Tourists have the opportunity to visit Hutsul Kolybas, ride horses or sleigh.

All the circumstances lead to relax and rest, getting pleasure from skiing and other activities, aptly called "apres ski". Equipped ski slopes of the mountains that surround Yablunytsyu. On slopes of 5 guys, ski lifts. Trails of red and blue levels of complexity.

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