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22 Apr 2010 11:34 AM
The nature of the Carpathians always attracted people, yet it is not the only reason for creating this resort economy. Surprisingly useful carbonated water of the upper Black Cheremosh and other mineral waters. There are peat deposits of curative mud.

SPA resort Cherche local significance on the basis of sulphide waters, peat water and peat is located in a valley surrounded by hills of the Carpathian foothills. To the east, and events close to him drew near the mountains up to 2000 m. To the north and south of the mountain pass in the picturesque hills. Mountains and hills are covered with dense smerekovymi and deciduous forests. Beautiful views resorts attract tourists.

SPA resort are located in a valley, the Piña. It is surrounded by wooded mountains.

Bruise Resort - one of the oldest in the Carpathians. The climate here is mountainous, with high humidity and high rainfall. For the treatment of the mineral water.

The resort Sojm for internal and external consumption using carbonate mineral water.

Shayan Resort is located on the foothills of the Big, small and medium Shayana. The slopes are covered with beech, fir, and hornbeam. The resort is being protected from winds, volcanic rock streak. It dominates the climate of mountain basins. For the treatment used carbonate mineral water.

Resort Kvasy located in the same village in the Mizhhiria Black Tisza, it is surrounded on the north valley-Chornogorskoy strand mountains from the south - Marmorosskim crystalline array. Here are located Chornohora (with the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians Goverla - 2061 g, Mount Petros - 2020 m). Lasting snow cover being formed in November. The resort to external applications using carbonated mineral water.

Solotvino, this village has long Tyachiv region famous for its salt mines. This is a treatment center for a variety of allergies, in particular, asthmatic character.

Resorts Carpathians specialize in treating diseases of the digestive system (especially the effective treatment of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers), liver and pancreas, diabetes mellitus.

Lviv has a sulfide, sulfate-chloride sodium kaltsiynye water. Now the whole world glorified Truskavets Morshin, Lubień Large.

Today in Truskavets mastered more than 25 mineral springs, more than a dozen varieties of medicinal waters. Especially popular are "Naftusya - hydro-sulphate calcium-magnesium. It is simply unique water which overcomes chronic liver disease, kidney, urinary tract, restores the affected metabolism.

In Morshyn known medicinal springs spring water (one of the most popular in Ukraine - "Morshinskaya"), also for the treatment of joints used peat.

In addition to "massive" resort regions (Crimea, Odessa, Carpathians) in Ukraine, there are healing places, which can improve the health of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tourists, but it does not underestimate the importance of these spas and know about them is necessary and useful each.

We say that is not listed above, but the most famous resorts of Ukraine and spa resorts areas of the country in which these resorts are:

Khmelnik - spa resort in the Vinnitsa region, located within the Podolsk hill on the shore of the Southern Bug, spa whose resources are mineral water (Novohmelnikovskoe field) and therapeutic peat mud (marsh Viitivtsi). Here are found saturated with radon waters.

Radon sources and utilized for the treatment of the Kyiv region - Myronivka, White Church in Zhytomyr, Rivne region.

Sodium chloride-rich sources of Dnipropetrovsk. A well-known center of spa treatment - Salty Lyman.

Slavyansk - balneomud resort in the Donetsk region, located in the Don River basin in the well-equipped fleet of conifers and deciduous trees, the main natural healing factors resort - sulfide silt mud and salt lakes Rapnoe Slepnev and rapnaya sodium chloride water, extracted from boreholes, which is used for mud baths;

Slavyanogorsk (formerly Svyatogorsk) - health resort in the Donetsk region, located at 34 km north of the Seversky Donets River (Don) with a large sandy beach, a resort founded in 1822 to treat patients with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as with occupational respiratory diseases.

Mirgorod - balneomud resort in Poltava region, located over 103 km north-west of Poltava on the outskirts of Mirgorod, on the banks of the river Horol (Dnieper basin) in the park, which are adjacent pine and mixed forests, natural spa treatment factors - mineral water peat and mud, mineral sodium chloride water is used mainly for drinking and for bottling as a treatment table at the world famous title "Myrgorodska", which is used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines, mud packing using peat; the resort Mirgoros " by treatment of patients with diseases of the digestive and metabolic disorders (mainly diabetes).

Berezovsky mineral water - spa resort in Dergachi region Kharkov region, located 25 kilometers west of Kharkov, the main natural healing factor of the resort - siliceous bicarbonate, calcium-sodium-magnesium waters identified by drilling in 1862, the water used to prepare various baths but mostly - for drinking water treatment (at the resort operates bottling plant in a bottle of table water named "Berezovsky").

Gopry - balneomud resort Golopristanskiy district, Kherson region, located 18 km south of Kherson, on the southern outskirts of Naked Pier, the left bank of the river Conca (arm of the Dnieper), the main natural healing factors Gopry - mules sulphide mud and brine of salt lake length is about one kilometer, width - up to 750 meters and the depth of one meter, a high content of carbonates of calcium, magnesium, and low content of iron sulfide in the mud bath resort Gopry assisted treatment of locomotor organs, peripheral nervous system.

We talked about the most famous and popular resorts of Ukraine. However, in all regions of Ukraine have all the necessary recreational, sports (hiking), cultural conditions and resources (spa, climate, landscape, beach) for the development of resort-recreational complex.

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