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12 Jul 2010 12:55 PM
Foros is a small resort village of striking beauty, 45 km west of Yalta. This southernmost town of the Crimea has arisen on the site of the former Genoese colony  Forii. According to one version, called monetary Foros submit that in V. BC Delian League members contributed to the general treasury. Others believe that the village received its name from the ancient lighthouse at Alexandria Foros (the seventh wonder of the world).

Foros is beautiful. On both sides of the city rise two rugged mountain peaks. At nightfall, they disappear in the darkness, and the heavenly expanse lit another star - lit at night Church of the Resurrection of Christ, better known as the Foros church. White marvel at the sheer cliff at an altitude of 427 meters above sea level - it was built in 1892 to commemorate the miraculous escape of Alexander III and his family during a train crash.


Pride and decoration of Foros - Foros park covering about 70 hectares. Here, an enormous collection of exotic trees and shrubs: Aleppo pine, fir, Greek, medlar, oleander, palm, magnolia, Portuguese cypress, deodar and many others. The park itself has a three-tiered structure. 

At the bottom - the coastal part - is the mansion of merchant Kuznetsova - architectural monument of Russian classicism, built in 1889 by architect Bilinga. In the middle of the park nestled "Paradise" - a favorite place for tourists - with a beautifully situated six lakes and ponds. And finally, at the very top stretches grove of century-old cypress trees and Lebanese cedars up to 20 meters.


Foros - one of the most environmentally friendly resorts of Crimea. Among the greenery of the park is located Foros Sanatorium "Foros" with excellent therapeutic and diagnostic facilities. There is no hustle and bustle. Clean air, warm sea, warming sun, shingle beaches have a favorable effect on the health of tourists. Foros is a favorite resort of musicians and artists. Anyone who has been in Foros, take an unforgettable experience about this beautiful corner of the Crimea.


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