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There are a lot of magnificent sunny health resorts, but if you want to have rest in quiet, calmness and economically, Ukraine Vacation Guide advice to go to Malorechenskoe, the Crimea. Malorechenskoe is the resort, what’ll fill you with tranquility and will help you to fill in vital energy.Malorechenskoe is the small health resort, which is situated in 25 km from Alushta, between Rybachye and Solnechnohorskoye. Year by year the infrastructure grows and develops. All this attracts more and more tourists to have a rest in this place. If you’re going to visit the Crimea with your child, this resort will do for you perfectly. Beautiful pebble beaches, fresh sea air, unusually caressing sea make this place unique for having rest with children. 

Svyatogorsk vacation resortIf you like Switzerland, than you will for sure fall in love with this small, but picturesque resort town Svyatogorsk. Why Ukraine Vacation Guide compare it with Switzerland?! Actually it was the comparison of a great Russian writer Anton Chekhov, who always admired this piece of Ukrainian land and admitted that it’s a very beautiful and extraordinary place, where one can spend unforgettable time and enjoy the nature and its surroundings, enrich himself spiritually. By the way, not only Chekhov admired the today’s resort. A great painter Repin has depicted a lot of corners of "Switzerland of Donetsk” in his paintings as well as many other famous painters.

AlupkaAlupka widely spread at the foot of the Ai-Petri on the southern slope of Crimean Mountains. This southern seaside resort looks from the sea like a huge stone staircase. Alupka is settled in large "steps" under the protection of the majestic jagged peaks of Ai-Petri. Now Alupka is one of the most famous resorts in the Crimea with an extensive network of hotels and holiday hotels. Sea breeze is important curative factor in conjunction with the Crimean air. If you are looking for quiet and peace of pastime, clean sea and quiet park alley, then Alupka is a resort for you. The main attractions of Alupka are Vorontsov Palace and Alupka Park. Everything in Alupka is surrounded by evergreen gardens, including Vorontsov Palace, houses the city and its resorts, inns, hotels and residential neighborhoods. Blue sea laps near the resort city. 

Yalta PromenadeLenin embankment is the central promenade of Yalta resort, one of the oldest streets in the city. The embankment is surrounded by palm trees. There are numerous resoort attractions, bars, cafes and restaurants. The architecture of the quay is a variety of styles. Yalta embankment is  paved with red granite and polychrome light gray porphyries. The quay was paved with slabs of various igneous rocks in 2002-2004. Numerous objects that presented famous pre-revolutionary Yalta were restored. Buildings of the Main Post Office, exhibition hall of the Union of Artists, the International Marine Club, the restaurant "McDonald's" and amusement rides are located on Yalta Promenade. There is also a favorite meeting place for young people in Yalta resort.

Tysovets HikingIn 32 km from the city of Skole the sports base "Tysovets" is located. It is the center of hiking and winter sports of the international level. It is a mountain-skiing complex at height of 1017,1 metres above sea level, in a riverhead of Tysovets (pool of Dnestr) in 2 km from Oriavchick. Vacation in Tysovtse are the streaming roads conducting upwards all above and above, open an unforgettable panorama: a valley in a silent surround of the mountains covered harmonous pines of magic beauty. One of the main advantages of the base "Tysovets" is location among mighty deserted mountains, it is considered surprising, transparent and curative air. Snow drops stert there in the end of November. Snow lies till the end of April. Perfect hiking in Summer. Directly from inhabited places to a mountain-skiing slopes made a  rope-way in length of 1,5 km. Moreover? There are  slopes  equipped  with 2 ski lifts on 800 metres everyone.

Foros resort CrimeaForos is a small resort village of striking beauty, 45 km west of Yalta. This southernmost town of the Crimea has arisen on the site of the former Genoese colony  Forii. According to one version, called monetary Foros submit that in V. BC Delian League members contributed to the general treasury. Others believe that the resort village received its name from the ancient lighthouse at Alexandria Foros (the seventh wonder of the world). Foros is beautiful resort. On both sides of the city rise two rugged mountain peaks. At nightfall, they disappear in the darkness, and the heavenly expanse lit another star - lit at night ...you must see this resort!

Many people rent Odessa vacation rentals to relax or work face the problem of where to stay in the city at Black Sea. A long list of vacation rentals and hotels makes their choice. Recently, an increasingly common way out is to rent apartments in Odessa. And this is understandable: vacation rentals have many advantages over a hotel room. Want to feel at home, resting in an unfamiliar city? You search for a comfortable vacation rental that meets all your expectations?

Recently, mountain tourism is becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities in the world. Is no exception in this regard and Ukraine. Interest in studies skiing increased so much that experts and journalists go on about this "Ski explosion", "ski resort boom" and even "Ski Revolution. Doing skiing prestigious, interesting and very useful for health. Is extremely broad age range and social enthusiasts of ski resorts - from kids to seniors, from housewives to politicians, from students to businessmen. The most popular ski resorts are among urban residents, who every winter trying to find a way to go to the mountain resort, to improve their technique, relax, breathe the clean mountain air and enjoy the winter, learn the history and culture of the mountainous resorts.

The nature of the Carpathians always attracted people, yet it is not the only reason for creating this resort economy. Surprisingly useful carbonated water of the upper Black Cheremosh and other mineral waters. There are peat deposits of curative mud. SPA resort Cherche local significance on the basis of sulphide waters, peat water and peat is located in a valley surrounded by hills of the Carpathian resort foothills. To the east, and events close to him drew near the mountains up to 2000 m. To the north and south of the mountain pass in the picturesque resort hills.

The autonomous republic Crimea is the resort peninsula surrounded Azov and Black seas. It a part of Ukraine, perhaps, most visited by tourists and the most popular resort in summertime. Crimea conditionally shares on East, Central and Western. East Crimea is very beautiful the rocky mountains, steep rocks and fantastically-beautiful azure beach resort bays...


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