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Verhovyna - Mountain Skiing, Hiking and Folk Music

07 Jan 2011 8:28 PM
Verhovyna (up to 1963 - Zhabye) is located 150 km from Ivano-Frankovsk and 31 km from the railway station Vorohta. Verhovyna is a center of Verhovynsky District administrative center. Located on the bank of Black Cheremosh River, 31 km from the railway station Rohatyn. The village is located in a mountainous part of the Carpathians, east of Chornohirsky mountain range. Its natural landscape is diverse. The center is located at an altitude of more than 574 meters above sea level.

Recreation in Verhovina gives tourists a number of peaks and ridges, which in complex create a kind of local exoticism. This, in particular, mountain Pushkar - 812 m, Mazurka - 1025 m Sinica - 1186 m and the Bila Kobyla -1473 m above sea level, which are preferred by tourists. Pushkar and Mazurka in the summer-autumn period are rich with different kinds of mushrooms, Sinitsa and Bila Kobyla – are rich with wild berries.

In addition, the mountain Sinica is known for its Dovbush Rocks. This is a spot not only of nature, but as well a historical place  associated with the legendary Alexa Dovbush. There are many legends about hiding here of Dovbush, oprishki and their treasures.

As for diversity of the height of the mountains and level of complexity of tourist routes in Verhovina, the Pushkar is the lowest mountain and the route of ascent to it is the easiest. More difficult are Mazurka, Sinica and Bila Kobyla (White Mare). It is very convenient in arranging hiking, choosing the path of lesser to greater complexity. For example, from Verhovyna to Burkutsky sources, Verkhovyna - mountain valley Smotrich, Verhovyna - Written Stone, etc.

Verhovyna in late XIX - early XX century was a center of recreation of writers and scholars. Ivan Franko,  Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky, Lesia Ukrainka and Olga Kobylianska, British novelist Dowie - author of "The Girl in the Carpathians" came here.

History of Verhovyna

The first written mention of this place dates from 1424 year. In ancient times  it was shared on two: Zhabye Iltsi and Zhabye Slupiyka, there were many small settlements around: Red meadow, Kryvopole, Volova, Hodak, Vipche, Zamahura. At different times belonged to village commune Zhabye Bystrets, Dzembronya, Topilche, Zelene, Yavirnik, Burkut.

In 1772 as a result of the first division of Poland between Russia, Prussia and Austria, the land area of contemprorary Verhovyna entered Austria.

A form of struggle and the emergence of spontaneous protest of peasants against the existing order was the Opryshkivski movement. Many villagers of Zhabye were in pens of Oleksa Dovbush, I. Pysklyvy, Pyntya, Boychuk, Bayurak. Mass phenomenon among the mountaineers was Viche - a new form of liberation movement of the late nineteenth century. In the first half of XIX century in Zhabye and neighboring villages were opryshky led by M. Shtolyuk.

During the First World War in the outskirts of the Zhabye village and other villages there were battles between the Austrians and Russians. Many Hutsuls fought in the Austrian army, especially in the Legion of Ukrainian Sichovi Striltsi.In April 1920 was the peasant revolt (got the name "Hutsul uprising”), which was suppressed by the Polish authorities. To participants of "Hutsul uprising” in 1920 was established a memorial sign. From 1921 till 1939 Verhovyna part of Poland. 

September 17, 1939 under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact the Soviet troops entered the territory of Galicia.

Economy and social sphere of Verhovyna

In Verhovyna live about 7500 inhabitants, there are 2050 yards. Base of Verhovina economy is a lumbering and farming. Verhovina has a hospital, clinic, medical aid stations. Sports competitions are held at the local complex "Cheremosh", there are  also a skiing slope, ski ramp, sports  school.

Culture of Verhovyna

Verhovyna is center of Gutsul culture. Since 1991, under the leadership of Roman Kumlika performs known ensemble "Cheremosh,  and other folk teams. In the village there Regional Historical Museum ethnographical and the private museum of folk instruments Roman Kumlika. Private museum of Roman Kumlika is located in his own home. It  was organized in 2001. Roman Kumlika was collecting showpieces for his museum for 30 years. There are Hutsul household items, antique Hutsul clothing, work tools, banknotes of different times and many others, which gives an idea of Hutsul life. Particularly Roman Kumlika is proud  of a collection of musical instruments.

There are People's House, clubs, Central District Library, regional children's library, children's arts school.

Monuments of Verhovyna

Church of the Assumption,
Church of St. George the Conqueror

Tourism in Verhovyna

Tourism and mountain skiing is rapidly developing in Verhovina. Operates rafting school and a tourist camp. Tourists are able there to emerge on canoe, rafts, kayaks, go to the top of the Carpathians, fish and do rock climbing. Young people under 18 can recreate in Children's Health & Recreatiom Center "Verkhovyna”.

Transport in Verhovyna

From the local bus station go buses to Ivano-Frankivsk, other areas of the region, as well as Kyiv and Chernivtsi. In Verhovyna  there is no public transport except taxis.

Hutsul folk music in Verhovyna

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