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Alpine routes on Carpathians for hiking

04 May 2010 6:00 PM
  At Petros of Yasinya most popular peaks for climbing are all dvuhtysyachniki Carpathians - Goverla, Pop-Ivan, Petros, Brebeneskul and others no less attractive peaks.

   The most visited by tourists mountain has always been and will Goverla (2061 m). However, there is always a lot of tourists and it is not everybody can like. Even where a lot of garbage. Gore is on the territory of the Carpathian National Nature Reserve, so you can get there for a fee. If you are lucky, it's free. The fare there is usually from 1.5 hryvnia. But entry to the reserve is limited from 8-00 to 12-00. In winter, the truth may request up to 10 UAH per entry. But it already applies to skiing.

   The most popular route - straight from the checkpoint in the reserve. At the foot of the mountain chalet located "Zaroslyak. Nearby there is about 10 wooden houses, where you can spend the night. Some just stop there in tents. There's always a large number of tourists. This place is usually deliver tourists to the vehicle. The length of the path from the camp site about 10 km, height - more than 1100 meters. In one way you can go to the meadow Pozhizhevskuyu, and on the other (the road through the woods) to the meadow Zaroslyak, where the gaze was called vertex Hoverla. At hostel fork. One way to directly, the other to the right - after 2-3 hours you can go to the foot of Petros. There remains the last and most difficult leap, and here it is - vertex of Ukraine! From the top of a panoramic view of all the surrounding mountains for many miles around. Going down the mountain better than the other way. This will consider the neighborhood and the very mountain from different sides. The more that you can visit the famous waterfall on r.Prut height is approximately 80 meters. The route through the meadow Pozhizhevskuyu easier and more picturesque. The road goes through g.Breskul (1911 m). Hoverla can get from railway station Lazeshchyna. This is the easiest, but the longest path. The route is about 15 km and 1300 m vertical ascent. The route from Ust-Goverli about 15 km, 1470 meters of vertical ascent. From camping "Zaroslyak You can also go to the top of Turkul (1933 m). The path lies through the meadow Pozhizhevskuyu. On reaching the main ridge of Montenegro, go to the top, passing the valley with a lake Nesamovite.

   One of the points of exit of tourists can be called the valley of the Belaya river Tisza, which stretches for many kilometers between the ridge and Chernogorsky Marmarosami. In the valley there are several villages - Bogdan, Usteriki, Ust-Goverla, Luga, located at a distance of 5 to 15 km from Rakhova. The village of Bogdan usually go to marmarosskie Pop-Ivan, Petros. At Marmarossky Petros (1784 m) ascent usually lasts from 7 to 10 hours. As the length of about 10 km. To the top of the first to go in the valley of the Tisza, and then to rise between two tributaries on the rocky spurs of Petros. From the summit and offers a great view of the Marmarossky ridge.

   At Marmarossky Pop Ivan (1936 m) climb takes about 10 hours, the length of 16 km. Go to the same route as in Petros. At the summit can be reached through other means. From Rakhova through Menchul trip takes about 11 hours, 20 km. The road goes through the top Menchul and will have to bypass several peaks. Roughly equivalent to the route is still out s.Kostylivka. From s.Delovoe have 2 routes - one short and simple - about 14 km and a duration of about 7-8 hours, and long - about 18 km. On the long route of the path goes through the mill, where you can spend the night. There is a waterfall on the White thread. On the way there Kolybas.

   In Montenegro Petros (2020 m) and there are several routes. One of the routes - from s.Yasinya. The route about 11 km. From the station Kvasy go a little longer - about 15 km. The route runs past the peaks Menchul and Shesul. From the summit offers a great view on the whole range of Montenegro, and part of Hoverla Svydovets ridge. You can withdraw from Lazeshchyna or Bogdan. The path length of about 20 km.

   Gore Priest Ivan is famous for being on the top of the remains of the observatory, built by the Poles before World War II. Now it is destroyed, leaving only the walls. The height of the mountain 2,022 meters. Let the village Dzembronya about 15 km, a vertical rise of 1300 km. The first part of the path can be overcome by car and on foot. Past meets waterfall in the origins Dzembronya, farther out on the Montenegrin ridge and excellent trodden path that led directly to the top. From the summit can be seen standing next Menchul (1998 m), Brebeneskul, Gutin Tomnatik, Hoverla. Far away in the south can be seen Marmarossky Ridge - Pop Ivan Marmarossky, Petrosul (1861 m), Ferkeu. If you withdraw from the Ust-Shibene, it can be on the way to go to the picturesque lake Maricheyka. The first few miles you can travel by car to the forest, and then walk past the mountains Shurin directly to the lake. Then, after passing through the meadow Maricheyka, the yield on the saddle between the Pop Ivan and brother-and then to the summit. From Ust-Goverli route is 18 km.

   From Ust-Goverli go not only to Pop Ivan and Goverla. You can also go to Brebeneskul (2035 m). The route 16 km, vertical ascent 1400 meters. There is also a lake Brebeneskul. From the village Bystrets route about 13 km. The path lies through a waterfall behind the village Bystrets. Next by multiple threads in a forest tract Gudgeon. Past the rocky cliff, which can be seen from afar. Next, two routes of varying difficulty to the top of the mountain.

   Here are the most popular routes on the most popular peaks. Some tourists a few peaks. So often planned route through several peaks with an overnight stay in the mountains. These routes require training and some experience in their campaigns. In the Carpathians, quite often rains, so the hikes are complicated. If you do not have the training and have never been in the campaigns of the Carpathians in the woods or in general, we recommend you find a guide. It is easy to do. In any village there are people ready for a small fee you could move the mountains. For example, Hoverla lead to 40-50 UAH with the company. And if the company is big, then consider that the campaign will cost you 5.10 USD. If hanging out in some institution, some excursions and ascents can be generally free of charge. But from such trips should not expect too much. Usually the easiest and shortest route. If the mountain is far from the place where you left off, do not be upset. You can find the car in the village, or catch a ride. Since there are quite a lot of punches, often drive trucks early in the morning and evening. Hike to the summit usually takes from 5 to 10 hours, so with him should take water, food. And do not go to their favorite sneakers or shoes on the 10-centimeter pin. Wear shoes - not go wrong. Even a simple walk in the woods can result in bruises or stretching ligaments. The soil there is rocky, often have to skip or even crawl over the rocks. The trees are usually on popular routes is the tag. Different routes are marked in different colors. But judging from my experience, some can make quite wrong, where you want. If you go yourself, then everything is better in detail to ask the locals about the route. Successful travel!

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