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11 Jul 2011 1:42 PM
Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains is divided into plateaus (yayla). There are separate mountain mass  with a hilly surface. Tourists may get to Ai-Petri plateau (1254 m) by road from Yalta or by cable way from Mishor

Ai Petri TeethMost often, tourists pay attention  not the Ai-Petri mountain mass as a whole, but one of its vertices with a palisade of exotic stone pillars, known as Ai-Petri Teeth. This peak is far to the south ledge of the mountain mass is actually the Ai-Petri. It gave name to the entire plateau and became a symbol of the South Coast of Crimea. Ai-Petri Teeth form four large (12-15 m in height) and a number of small steep peaks, composed of reef limestones. There are excellent conditions for active tourism, horse riding and camel riding, mountain biking, jeep tours, paragliding, shooting of military adventure and fantasy. 

The height of the Ai-Petri of 1234 meters above sea level. Throughout the south slope of the mountain terrible rock walls. They are strictly vertical somewhere, somewhere step, but difficult of access everywhere. Rare mountain passes through which people has paved roads and walkways in ancient times are still serving as connection with the Southern coast of the plateau. From the top of the mountain mass on a clear day are clearly visible settlements Gaspra, Oreanda, Foros, Koreiz, Simeiz, Blue Bay, the city Alupka... 

Crimean Mountains Ai PetriSouthern cliffs of Ai-Petri mountain mass and its northern gentle slopes are very picturesque, but there is no lovelier panorama of the Southern coast, then one at the top. It is hard to find Crimean who haven’t seen a sunrise on the Ai-Petri at least once in life. The moment when the fireball of the sun seemed to pop up out of the dark blue depths of the sea worth to come up to this height. 
Reserve Beech Grove is growing near Ai-Petri Teeth. It  is the largest Grove on the Main ridge. Pine  "Airplane" growth at the plateau edge. It is about 300 years old. Tourists usually visit the Ai-Petri meridian - a stone globe with accurate geodetic data, observation platform on the cliff Shyshko, weather station, a mountain Bedene-Kyr (a few ski lifts work here in winter),  equipped for excursions Three-eyes cave. On the hillside by the road from Yalta to the Ai-Petri is possible to see the "drunken" pine forest. It is a forest of centuries-old Crimean pine, broken by a landslide. 

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