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Green Travels

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Green Travel to VolochanskUkraine Vacation Guide present new travel destination for green travels. There are many wild fruit trees in the forests - pear and apple trees, in the undergrowth and forest borders. You can easily found mushrooms in the forest and bring them home to cook. But be sure you take not poisonous ones. In the forest you can see such kind of animal as noble deer, elk, wild boars and roe, among the predators are fox, wolf, weasel, polecat, raccoon dog, marten and others. Several fine dendro-parks and a botanical garden cover the territory of the Volchansk area. They can truly empress you by their fresh beauty of Ukrainian nature. You can meet a lot of mushrooms on your way even and even cook them on fire in the forest if you have someone who is a specialist in picking them.

Travel to DolynaTravel with Ukraine Vacation Guide to Dolyna. This cute regional centre is situated in Precarpathia not far from Ivano-Frankivsk. In spite of its small size, this town is one of the oldest in Ukraine and has a long industrial history. In 979, according to the chronicle of monk Theoklist, sources of salt were found near the Carpathian mountains. There is an interesting legend, which says about mythical personage prince Andriyovych from Ilemnya, whose sheep came across the salt brine. Then prince built a high tower right on that place and put a ram, made from pine tree sticks, on the top of it. The ram also had five circles on its back, which symbolized five barrels of salt. Later these barrels appeared on the arms of the town. But today Dolyna is a perfect travel destination for green travels.

Recreation in Sheshory green travel resort gives an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carpathians. Sheshory green travel resort is famous for scenic waterfalls on the river Mistintsy, which flows from the mountain Greg at an altitude of 700 m above the sea level and is a right tributary of the river Prut. Waterfall Little Guk is located approximately 100 meters upstream from the bridge in the village center and has 2 meters height. Walk during your green travel 150-200 meters along the bank of the river and you will see a beautiful picture created by nature itself, the famous waterfall Sheshorsky Big Hook, drop height is 5 metres. nice place for green travels! 

Kosiv green travelOne of the most famous green travel resorts in the Carpathian mountains is the city of Kosiv, situated at the foot of Pokutsko-Bukovinsky Carpathians at a height of 450 metres above the sea level. Vacation in Kosiv is great at any time of year: mountain skiing in winter (there are three alpine ski bases), and green tourism in summer. Rural green travels are increasingly popular in the area. Today more than 50 farmers are ready to host guests in their houses. The territory of Kosiv area belongs to the National Natural Park "Hutsulschyna" in towns and villages located numerous monuments of history and culture. A colorful Hutsul clothes and traditions that date back to ancient times, leave an unforgettable impression on those who ever visited the Kosiv. So Kosiv is a perfect place both for mountain skiing and green travels.

A couple of weeks lying on a beach - this is still most of us associate the phrase "summer vacation". And it is vain! As the entire civilized world is not the first year (and not only in summer) in parallel with the reception of solar-sea bathing beauties of rural tastes "green" tourism. Such centers - clusters - and in Ukraine is no longer a rarity. And some of them even won international acclaim. In particular, his "vytrischakami. Town Grytsiv is in Khmelnytsky region near the tracks Ternopil, Kyiv. Until 1998 it was the usual depressing provincial town, whose youth, as well as their peers from many towns and villages, mass go abroad to earn money. So start your green travel to Ukraine!

Few years ago in the Ukraine a few people knew about such a holiday as a "green tourism". Currently, this type of vacation captures more and more people who want to know all the delights of rural life. For some it may seem, at least, strange, but still have a rest its charms. Very popular so-called Green rural tourism has received nearly half a century ago. But the people of Ukraine only recently became acquainted with this term, although this type of vacation is quite popular, because the villagers are famous for their hospitality. Start your green travel right now!

Rural tourism and green travels in the Carpathians - a specific holiday in the countryside, in the private sector, where accommodation, catering and tourism provides rural family. The peculiar fashion on vacation in the countryside, which has spread in Europe in recent years came in the Transcarpathian region, although this type of tourism is not new to Transcarpathians. Unlike Western Europe, the population of Transcarpathia closely associated with agriculture and beautiful nature, lack of communication with which the sentiments of most residents. Carpethians is a perfect destination for a green travel!

Several years ago the Ukrainian tourism, the new term: "village green tourism". The development of this interesting direction now progressing with each passing year. It would seem marvel - relax in the countryside, who already worries, more than enough, but everything has its explanation ...The tradition of rural green tourism (more on the text - NWT) began to develop in Europe, about half a century ago. For Ukraine, the above term is new, but it is useful to recall that the tradition of this kind of holiday in Ukraine older than it seems. Because of the hospitality of the rural population has long been known.

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