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28 Sep 2011 12:30 PM
Volchansk is located in the far east of Ukraine on the border with Russia. A characteristic feature of Volchansk region is the alternation of the forest areas and open fields. The most widespread species are oak and pine, there are also spruce, as well as linden, ash, maple, birch, alder.

There are many wild fruit trees in the forests - pear and apple trees, in the undergrowth and forest borders. You can easily found mushrooms in the forest and bring them home to cook. But be sure you take not poisonous ones. In the forest you can see such kind of animal as noble deer, elk, wild boars and roe, among the predators are fox, wolf, weasel, polecat, raccoon dog, marten and others.

In the steppes dwell hare, hamster, ground squirrel, quail, partridge, steppe harrier, marmot, and jerboa;  steppe vipers and lizards can be seen rather often.

 The first settlers appeared in 1000 n er. But the village could not grow bigger because of war between Slavs and Tatar Mongols. Volchansk was just on the border between populated by Slavs territory and desert terrain called Wild Field – no one lived there because of Mongols close proximity. According to the legend the name of the village Volchansk originates from the 17th century when the big pack of wolves has become very known because of their cruelty. Wolves have been attacking all nearby villages. A very long time hunters could not fight them. People thought that pack of wolves was led by werewolf.  

From the middle of 17 century, when Slavs had conquered their lands, Volchansk had started to become a big village. 

Nowadays Volchansk is a tourist spot in Kharkiv region of Ukraine. There are hotels for tourist along Volcha river. 

One of the most interesting things to see in Volchansk is Masyutin mountain. The mountain has a mystery – it hides a lost treasure underground. The name of the mountain came from the legend about Ukrainian slave Masyuta. The man had decided to leave his cruel master and become a free person. There was no other way but become a robber to survive. He had a group of people, altogether they have been robbing people.  The legend says Masyuta  hid the money he had robbed inside the mountain. There are several underground tunnels inside. Nowadays some people were trying to find the treasure but were burried alive inside. 
The government decided to close the entrance to the caves to protect adventures. But still you can see the hidden entrances. 

The other famous story is the legend about Tatar’s lake. Now it is a small lake, but years ago it was much bigger. Tatars made a slave market. They had sold captured Slavs people to each other. Once army of Slavs had attacked Tatars and had liberated the people. Tatars had not enough time to get all their stuff and escape. Several of them threw their gold coins in the lake. 

Many years later Ukrainian fisherman have found several old coins.  

Volchansk is full of archeological finds. There is a museum of archeology in the city. Sever kurgans - from the Mongolic "kurgan" or "korgon" means a "refuge or hiding place for the dead" -  big hills with ancient tombs, are placed around Volchansk.

Several fine dendro-parks and a botanical garden cover the territory of the Volchansk area. They can truly empress you by their fresh beauty of Ukrainian nature. You can meet a lot of mushrooms on your way even and even cook them on fire in the forest if you have someone who is a specialist in picking them.

Bikes for the rent are highly requested. There are a lot of paths near the forest or beautifull chalk cliffs along Volcha river. Volcha river is beautiful! You can enjoy view of the Volch’ya just sailing kayak. 

Volchansk full of Ukrainian traditions and residents will be happy to tell you many ancient stories. 

Iryna Gavrylenko

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