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Green tourism in Ukraine

01 May 2010 9:29 PM
A couple of weeks lying on a beach - this is still most of us associate the phrase "summer vacation". And it is vain! As the entire civilized world is not the first year (and not only in summer) in parallel with the reception of solar-sea bathing beauties of rural tastes "green" tourism. Such centers - clusters - and in Ukraine is no longer a rarity. And some of them even won international acclaim. In particular, his "vytrischakami.
Town Grytsiv is in Khmelnytsky region near the tracks Ternopil, Kyiv. Until 1998 it was the usual depressing provincial town, whose youth, as well as their peers from many towns and villages, mass go abroad to earn money. One of them could be and Lydia Matsjuk, but just before the trip changed her mind. I decided: I will work from home. No job? But who said that it can not find it?
Meeting the villagers decided to: a sin not to use what is given by nature itself. Soon, born NGO Association Grytsiva revival, and a year later appeared a cluster of rural tourism "Оберіг" which led Mrs. Lydia. And grytsivchane (incidentally, the first in the country) became engaged in the provision of various "selskozelenyh" tourism services, the development of various entertainment programs and environmental routes.
Now Grytsiv hosts not only in summer but all year round. At the same time in the village in good conditions can have a rest of about two hundred people. Accommodation with full board will cost from 50 to 75 UAH. day.
Fishing, gathering mushrooms, berries, bathing in the river, horseback riding or boating - it is, so to speak, the traditional set of "selskootpusknyh" entertainment. In Grytsive also has a number of its know-how. For example, in local Guesthouse "Shevchenko, 3" woman doctor makes a professional massage and offers a course of herbal medicine. In agrousadbe "Лідія" at your service aromatic fitovanna with individually selected herbs. To sit in the shade of exotic fruit trees and eat their fruits can be in the garden of the manor "Zatyshok. Mistress agrousadby "We Наталі" teach to bake bread, in Swan крилі "knows all the secrets of Ukrainian handicrafts ... Well, is it worth to say that all grytsivskie gospodyni great cook besides a pure, natural organic products? ..
And as in Grytsive can have fun! .. Traditional holidays are celebrated very colorful, with all the rites. Guests can of course be to take an active part in the celebrations themselves, and in their preparation. For example, last year here rested Americans, Poles, Russians and Moldovans, who had come to know how Ukrainians celebrate Easter. "Оберігівці have developed a special program for them. For example, men churned Easter separately, women - a separate, independently decorated. Lydia Matsiuk remembers that she could not squeeze through to the furnace, where they cared: for every cook was seriously worried - God forbid his creation foothills! .. In a neighboring house Everybody painted eggs. And did so under the guidance of experienced professionals from the local art school, to the guests with patterns, traditional for different regions of Ukraine, and with different techniques of painting.
At the end of June every year Grytsive holiday village - arranged Fair works of folk artists, mass celebrations, horseback riding and boating. There is a village and an exclusive holiday "Грицівські витріщаки. This title has a funny story. Once in Grytsive stayed Belarusians. Day by day, more and more wondered at the local curiosities, more rounded in their eyes. That someone and said: "Well, you are grytsivskie vytrischaki !..», say, so many interesting things around that look at first. Since then, three years now people can spend the original performance at the river bank - the guests entertained and are treated original grytsivskimi goodies. By the way, have you ever enjoyed the fondue in grytsivski? That's the same!
Most important, says Mrs. Lydia, her fellow villagers, taking up the provision of "zelenoturisticheskih" services have become much more cultural, active and creative. And based on Grytsiva active until recently, "sleeping" nearby villages. Today, their residents, too, know what rural tourism, which are projects, how to work with the funds - that education had made "оберігівці. "Say, bring up a competitor? - Lydia laughs Matsiuk. - But anyone can come up with something of their own, find their "zest": work enough for everyone.
Usually from Grytsiva bring home not only the health, good cheer and a lot of pleasant experiences, but also original souvenirs made by local craftsmen - embroidery, whimsical paintings and carvings of wood, embroidered pillows. And be sure to "грицівську torbinku" - a bag of herbs. They say, works wonders. At the very least - a year before the next trip to Grytsiv.

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