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Green tourism in Ukrainе

01 May 2010 9:21 PM
Several years ago the Ukrainian tourism, the new term: "village green tourism". The development of this interesting direction now progressing with each passing year. It would seem marvel - relax in the countryside, who already worries, more than enough, but everything has its explanation ...
The tradition of rural green tourism (more on the text - NWT) began to develop in Europe, about half a century ago. For Ukraine, the above term is new, but it is useful to recall that the tradition of this kind of holiday in Ukraine older than it seems. Because of the hospitality of the rural population has long been known. For example, in the early twentieth century in the Carpathian Mountains to treatment or rest in the mountains of the hosts came famous figures of culture, science, politics: I. Franko, L. Ukrainka, M. Grushevskii, V. Hnatiuk, etc.

Now the development of green tourism in Ukraine is engaged in "Спілка spriyannya rozvitku сільського green tourism in Україні. This organization focuses on the data of green tourism in different regions of the country. It also deals with its advertising and promotion, conferences, thematic exhibitions. One of the important lessons Spilka - trainings and seminars for those involved in green tourism, that is, for the hosts. Take it from the latter depends on the quality of the reception tourists, which grows from year to year.

What attracts the NWT?

In general, the concept of "green tourism" in a nutshell - a holiday in private households in the countryside, interesting tourist attractions.

The main thing that attracts a green tourism - a complex of factors that positively affect people: wellness, aesthetic and cognitive.

Holidays in the countryside - is not a resort, where many tourists. Here - soothing and relaxing atmosphere, which is particularly important for urban dwellers! Many people prefer to meet the New Year or Christmas holidays, relax with friends in such conditions. It is very convenient for families and small groups.

In most cases, calm supported by a positive emotional impact on the tourist surrounding area, whether the mountains or forests, rivers, lakes or the sea, etc. By the way, very often the basis of selection of destinations in the countryside is just landscapes and ecology of the area chosen.

Hosts for the convenience of tourists, often in addition to providing living conditions for different categories (see below), and household services, delicious and natural foods offer a range of additional services: for example, picking berries and mushrooms, sightseeing or hiking in the mountains well, and many other things enriches the rest. Is it not important individual approach to each owner's "own" the tourist, and especially to children who have a home and milk, and honey bee, and an apple straight from the tree will be able to try.

So as not to recall the prices! This kind of holiday price is very attractive, even, because it offers a flexible system.

What does the Philippines?

Here is information on the regions, which provide services in Ukraine NWT with a brief description:

Western region. It occupies a predominant place of supply and demand.

The most popular area of the Carpathians in the four areas in which he enters: Ivano-Frankivsk, Transcarpathian, Lviv and Chernivtsi. The main thing that attracted here during the winter holiday - it is downhill skiing, the opportunity to celebrate New Year and colorful Christmas holidays, summer - extraordinary landscapes, clean air, water, mountain rivers. Variety of leisure in the Carpathians makes picking berries and mushrooms, hiking, speeches "triple Music, visit the unique wooden churches. The most popular centers of the NWT in the Carpathians - Yaremche, silk, Vorohta, Verkhovyna, Kosovo, Pidzaharichi, Putila, Vyzhnitsa, Yablunitsa, Yasinya, Rakhiv, Skole, Slavsko.

Quality of service in farms NWT increases markedly. Good case with travel to these areas.

In the Carpathians, there are interesting proposals for Beregovo region of Transcarpathia. This flat area is related to Hungarian culture and is famous for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits and, of course, wine.

The border with Poland Zhovkivsky district of Lviv region offers a holiday in farms near the NWT reserve hilly terrain - Roztocze, interesting architectural monuments, places of worship, cliffs and grottoes in them.

Southern region. Here is more popular summer vacation in the Crimea. Sea, sun, fruit that's not all! The highlight of the Crimea is its multi-ethnicity. Due to the NWT, you can touch the life of the communities of the Crimean Tatars, Bulgarians, Germans, Greeks, to know their culture and way of life, taste the dishes of traditional cuisine and, of course, to visit the famous monuments of nature and history.

Mykolaiv region offers its services in the picturesque town on the banks of the Southern Bug River in s.Migiya Pervomaisky district. Here begins the natural landscape park "Granite-Steppe Bug region, the reputed wealth of flora and fauna on the rocky granite shores of the river canyon. The area was made for active recreation, especially rock climbing and rafting on the rapids.

And s.Pokrovka Ochakiv district, which is located in the Landscape Park "Kinburn Spit", you will offer exotic vacation with a chance to touch the wild.

Farmers Association "Danube" is looking for an interesting holiday in Izmail district of Odessa region - a unique nature with a visit to the Biosphere Reserve, a system of lakes, explore the unique culture and customs of many nations who live here.

Skirts. Deserves special attention. The basis of this historic area are three areas - Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Vinnitsa. Unusually this area to its landscape formed by small mountains - Kremenetsky Tovtry, Voronyakami, Holohory, Opillyam and deep canyons of the Dniester, Southern Bug, with numerous tributaries.

A main road skirts were raiding the Turks and Tatars in Ukraine, so there remains a lot of monuments of defensive architecture, including famous Kamenetz-Podolsk and Khotyns'ka fortress. It is known skirts and speleological world, because there are more than hundreds of caves, of which the most famous "optimistic", as inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records as the record for longest in Europe, the length of 207 km.

All this can be seen using the services of farmers. The most famous areas of tourists' reception at the Ternopil region - a neighborhood of Kremenets and Pochayev, as well as villages in the canyon of the Dniester. Hmelnichane offer their hospitality in Kamenetz-Podolsk region and Gritsive. The latter is proposed to further recreation, educational and local history programs and health improvement program. Holiday Centre Podolyanka "in the master's Vinnitsa region - an opportunity to fishing trips into the woods to the ponds and springs with overnights in tents, kids here can learn to sculpt out of natural materials toys and souvenirs, and the hosts are baked in the oven for a delicious grilled bread.

Not far from Kiev.

There are distinguished several areas, such as the Kiev area interesting and informative vacation can be far from the capital to Balyko-Schuchynka Kagarlitsky area on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper, in areas where a historic-archaeological complex on the materials of excavations of settlements Trypil'ska culture. Selected proposals will find in the city-museum Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky.

But special attention should be paid "Falcon Farm" in Chernihiv region, adjacent to the famous palace and park ensemble in Kachanivka. It recreates the original furnishings of the Ukrainian village. You will be offered a range of services from real Ukrainian cuisine to the sauna, excursions, Cossacks games, visit the private museum. And all this in a two-hour drive from the capital.

Central and Eastern region.

Poltava region offers tourists rest on the shores Khorol, Sula, Psla. The center of the NWT - a Great Sorochintsy and Dikanka - places associated with great Gogol, as well as the capital of Ukrainian pottery - a village Opishnya Zinkovskaya area. To rest was more intense and informative, probably will not refuse from the proposed recreation forest on horseback, visiting the monuments of architecture and nature, such as estate Kochubeev in Dikanka, to the State Museum of Ukrainian pottery in Opishnya, one of the largest in Europe Scythian settlements, as well as a landscape park "Dikansky.

Plunge in to be able to watch through the rest of the Cossacks in s.Mogilev Tsarichanskogo region Dnipropetrovsk region. Here on the shores of Aurélie survived two Cossack church and the remains of an ancient fortress, and nearby - Oril's'ke Nature Reserve. After visiting the village Petrikivka, get acquainted with the history of the famous painting petrikivskoy, hear stories about the Cossacks and their chief.

Homeland Taras Shevchenko and the center of the Cossacks of Cherkasy region invites you to the river Ros' in the town of Korsun-Shevchenko. Hosts provide an opportunity to mow the hay and sleep on it, to catch crabs, collect medicinal plants.

Kharkiv region offers in the border areas with Russia Tour "Khazar Way" and water tour "Pecheniz'ke reservoir" with the rest on the river Seversky Donets.


Prices and conditions.

Conditional quotations are divided into five categories, depending on various conditions:

- Household - the presence of a bath or shower, toilet in the house, the refrigerator, the possibility of using gas or electric stove, etc.;

- Infrastructure - how far the farm is located on the road, how far it was from the river, lake or sea, whether close - medical center, shop, wood, etc.;

- Additional proposals - transportation, tours, hiking, learning languages, horseback riding, home fruit and vegetables, milk, honey, etc.;

- Season - could cost more winter or summer, Christmas, Christmas and Easter holidays, depending on the region itself, cheaper - the off-season, ie spring and autumn;

- Region and area - a set of landmarks, landscapes, and ecology.

Where and how to choose the rest.

If you have already decided the following weekend or vacation use for recreation in the countryside, you can find a few tips. As long as there are very few travel companies offer this holiday, we recommend ourselves to seek - it does is simple.

Tip One
: guides and directories on green tourism, as well as the magazine "Tourism сільський green", which publishes Spilka (you can subscribe). It turns out he had a circulation of ten thousand men four times a year. These catalogs are also local (regional) organizations of rural green tourism. These specialized publications, from our point of view - the best navigator, which gives an idea of the region, and recreation facilities, its coordinates.

Tip two:
look site Spilka: www.greentour.com.ua

Tip three:
come on tourist exhibition, which will certainly find "fresh" proposal. Please be aware that in May this year in Kyiv on the territory of the State Museum of Architecture and Life successfully hosted the third Ukrainian exhibition-fair "Ukrains'ke запрошує village, where proposals were made to different regions of Ukraine.

Tip Four: proposals for recreation will find the Tourist Information Centre, which have appeared recently in some regional centers.

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