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26 Sep 2011 1:39 PM
Akimovka is a cozy town in southern Ukraine, situated on the river Small Utlyuk, 4 km from the highway Moscow - Simferopol. The beauty of nature and fresh air will distract you from the urban bustle and will give unforgettable experience. The main element of the emblem of Akimovka region is a shield. It’s devived by diagonal and contains three natural shape: the spike, the rising sun and sea waves. All of this together is a symbol of fertility and hope. Color gamma of this emblem is represented by green, blue and yellow colors. 

Each of them according to heraldry canon, has a symbolic meaning:
- green is a symbol of hope, prosperity, freedom, and in this case means also the land full of green plants;
- blue color on the emblem is a symbol of loyalty and honor. This is also the color of Ukrainian sky and the Sea of Azov;
- yellow is a symbol of wealth, which is coming from the spikes of corn bread.

Akimovka district includes many natural reserves, as well as health resorts.

The perl of Akimovka region is Kyrilivka wellness area. In 1999 it received the status of national importance. According to official figures Kyrylivka is visited by more than 3 million people in summer time. The full resort area of nearly 15 kilometers has been formed there by 2011. The quality of the proposed vacation is diverse, from holiday VIP European level to the most democratic. Hotel services and facilities - recreation, resorts, motels and Pioneer camps are located in the center of Kyrylivka and spits of Peresyp and Fedotov.

Peresyp spitPeresyp Spit - civilized resorts, boarding houses, motels, hotels, luxury cottages, villas, discos, cafes, camps, wild beaches, etc. Spit Peresyp extends from the eastern edge of the Kirillov peninsula to the north-east and has a length of 9 km. Peresyp connects the Sea of Azov with the Milk Firth. The width of the spit varies from 0.2 to 0.9 km., the height is 2.5 m. The Milk Firth is washing one of the shores of Peresyp Spit. 

This Fith is included to the Ramsar International inventory and recognized as hydrological reserve of national importance. It focused a lot of the "Red Book" plants, birds and their nests. In addition, the dairy lagoon is valuable as a recreational facility (it contains a lot of mud, which is used in local health centers), and as a place of spawning and feeding of freshwater and saltwater fish.

Fedotov Spit - the strip of land that separates the lagoon from Utlyuksky Bay of Azov. Fedotova spit consists of sand and mud and shell deposits, near the mainland extended continental loam. Western shore is shallow with many shoals. Water along the eastern shores has a depth over 3 m. Near the middle of the spit lies the village of Stepok consisting of fishermen houses, holiday homes and several lodges. The rest of the braid is deserted. Its surface is covered with grass, oleaster (low, thorny tree with silvery elliptical leaves), tamarisk (shrubs or trees 6-10 m tall with long thin stems). During storms the lowest places of the spit eroded forming scours.

In the north-west and west banks of the spit there are a few shallow bays and firthes. Smaller ships often come to the bay from south-western side of the spit - Fishing Bay (north of the bays) and bay Mayachnaya (south), which provides good shelter from the courts to the north-east winds. Along the western coast of the spit lies the vast shallow, wich depths is less than 5 m. In the south-western tip of the spit was built lighthouse Biruchiy, named after the Biruchiy Island, which is located to the south-east from the spit. On the territory of the island created Biruchiy Azov-Sivash National Park. Research work is carried out on acclimatization of new plants and animals, however tourist excursions are also held.

Treasure Island WaterparkIn the fresh sea breeze on the shore of Azov is located multifunctional entertainment complex with an excellent level of service. Waterpark Kyrylivka "Treasure Island" impresses with its square, where space for active and passive recreation are both available. Swimming pool with bottom geysers, attractions slides, shady canopies and green lawns in the area of family recreation, restaurants and cocktail bars - all this suggests an elite recreation for different age groups. Sea coast and estuaries in the region of Akimovka is home for concentrations of birds before flying to warmer climes, but a significant number of them in recent years, remains on the coast for the winter. In the coastal waters of the sea and estuaries are found valuable species of fish (sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon).

Natural Reserve near AkimovkaThe green gem of Akimov region is Bogatyrskaya forestry. The air is clean, full of useful iodine-bromide. The total area of forest up to 1460 hectares. Where there are wild boar, roe deer, pheasants. In recent years increased the number of rabbits and foxes. And in the steppe zone of the district appeared wolves.

Among the sightseeing places of Akimovka area Altagirsky reserve should be also mentioned. Forest of this reserve were planted in 90th of XIX century. Now there is oasis among the typical southern steppe. Creating of Altagir Forestry is connected with the name of the famous Ukrainian forester P. Syvytskoho who landed the first seedlings of trees in 1899. Currently, forest covers an area of 1193 hectares. There are plenty of different plants and trees there, some of which are in the The Red Book of Ukraine.

Akimovka region is full of natural wonders and it is ideal for a relaxing family vocation for people who like pure ecological areas, soft summer resorts and healing natural resources.

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