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25 Mar 2011 10:26 PM
Sevastopol is a sea port and an amazing city, rich in historical background, cultural values and architectural monuments. Founded in 1783 as the base of the Black Sea Fleet, today Sevastopol attracts travelers not only for its history. Sevastopol is a great place for a summer vacation on the Black Sea. Tourists, adventurers and vacationers from all over the world come to Sevastopol. 

Beautiful beaches, good climate conditions and clean air - all this attract tourists to Sevastopol. Everyone who has ever visited Sevastopol, will keep the memories of this city for a long time. Vacation in Sevastopol is suitable for both lovers of sights, tours and those who prefer a leisurely holiday by the sea. 

Beaches of Sevastopol 

Sevastopol Blue BayThere are 6 pebbly beaches in Sevastopol. Some beaches are equipped with canopies, there are rental sun loungers and umbrellas. 

Town beaches: "Crystal" (Artbuhta), "Sunny" and "Sand" (Sand Bay). Coast of these beaches is concrete. Trolleybus № 6 goes to these beaches. 

Sevastopol Blue Bay is located 4.5 km southeast of Cape Chersonese. It was called due to its clean water through which a white sand looked bluish from shore cliff. Vacationers will find equipped beaches and naked sea cliffs for lovers of savage nature of Sevastopol Blua Bay. It is a favorite spot vacation of Sevastopol. 

Beach at Victory Park (trolley bus number 9) is good during a severe heat, one can take refuge there in the shade of trees. 

On the beach in Omega Bay (trolleybuses № № 10,14) have rides and boat station. 

The best beaches are in the village Uchkuevka (you can get there by boat from Artbuhta). 

Lovers of wildlife and swimming among rocks will admire of Cape Fiolent (bus № № 2,19): sand  beaches (5 km from the bus station). 

Travel With Children 

In addition to the warm sea and hot sun, in Sebastopol located huge amount of children's entertainments. The first thing to see in Sevastopol on vacation with children is marine aquarium-museum. This is the oldest aquarium in the world and the only aquarium in Ukraine. Also, the city has such attractions for children as game rooms, rental roller blades, bikes and more. 

Winter Holiday in Sevastopol 

Winter vacation is gaining popularity all over the world. Sevastopol is not an exception. In winter, you look at Sevastopol with quite different eyes. First, Winter is the cheapest season for holiday in Sevastopol. This is due to the fact that in Winter prices for rentals and guided tours are much lower than in Summer. So it is quite possible that the Winter holiday in Sevastopol please you even more than Summer travel. Regardless of season in Sevastopol you will need the following information. 

Sevastopol Attractions 

Sevastopol PanoramaThe heroic past of Sevastopol has left its mark in numerous monuments. Every street, every avenue of Sevastopol is a page of history. Sevastopol will give you familiarity with the monument of the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine culture - Chersonese. You also should visit an outstanding  battle painting  Panorama and many other famous sites and monuments. 

In Sevastopol, over 2,100 monuments, a large number of Orthodox holy sites, museums, Panorama, Diorama, Chersonese architectural open-air museum, and much more. 

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