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23 Sep 2011 1:45 PM
Every city in the Ukraine is different and has its own history and character. the same we can say about Simferopol. There is something about Ukrainian culture and nature that brings millions of tourists from all over the world every year. It is certain that every person is able to find a city in Ukraine that relaxes the mind and captivates their heart. 

Park in SimferopolDue to the collection of the historic attractions and warm climate, south of Ukraine is especially popular among tourists.

Where do you usually start your journey, coming to a different country, or different state?
Capital, you say? 

We would agree with you here – coming to Illinois, one would visit Chicago, coming to UK, one would visit London, coming to the Crimea Peninsula, one should visit Simferopol.

Here and now we will take you on a journey to get to know this modest but wonderful city. 

Simferopol is one of the most beautiful and memorable cities in southern Ukraine. As a capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferopol has a very advantageous geographic location. It is situated in the very center of the Crimea peninsula.  
The city lies on the Salhir River near the artificial Simferopol Reservoir, which provides the city with clean drinking water. 
The climate is very mild; the typical winter lasts only about one month, which gives the tourists the great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Simferopol almost all year round. Summer usually lasts about 4,5 months, starting in the middle of May and ending around October. Simferopol city has the population of about 360,000 (2010).

Simferopol was founded in 1784, but some of the historians don’t agree with this date.  The first colonies of the ancient people appeared during prehistoric time.

The name Simferopol is derived from the Greek, Συμφερόπολις (Simferopolis), translated as "the city of usefulness." In 1802, Simferopol became the administrative center of the Taurida Governorate. In the 20th century, Simferopol was once again affected by wars and conflicts in the region. In 1920, the Red Army captured the city and on October 18, 1921, Simferopol became the capital of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. 

In April 1944, the Red Army liberated Simferopol. On May 18, 1944, the Crimean Tatar population of the city along with the whole Crimean Tatar nation of Crimea (except the families of the Red Army soldiers) was forcibly deported to Central Asia in a form of collective punishment. On April 26, 1954, Simferopol, together with the rest of the Crimean Oblast, was transferred from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Simferopol became the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea within newly independent Ukraine. 

If you wonder how to get around city, Simferopol has a great variety of the means of the transportation.
It has the main railway station, which serves million of tourists each year. There are two airports – the international "Simferopol” and a local one "Zavodskoe”. 

Also Simferopol has a few main bus stations, which help the tourists to get to the main cities and villages of the Crimea. You can also use the Crimea Trolleybus which connects Simferopol to the city of Yalta on Crimean Black Sea Coast. This line is the longest trolleybus line in the world with a total length of 53 mi (86 km)
Simferopol is one of the most prominent centers of tourism. There are a few tourism companies, which provide the tourists with the tours all over the peninsula.

As for the main places of interest, there are a few museums in Simferopol that you can visit, such as local history museum, ethnographic, art museum and the scientific library named after I. Franko. 

In 2009, a Museum of Simferopol history was opened; the exhibition includes the period since 1784, the year when the city was founded by Catherine II, to 2009. Household items, documents, photos, pictures, coins are exhibited at the museum. Mostly they are gifts from the Simferopol population.

It also has several theaters – Russian Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gorkiy, Ukrainian Drama and Music Comedy Theater, philharmonic society, Puppet Theater and circus.

The main Archives of the Crimea are also situated in Simferopol – "State Archives of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea”.

Besides that, Simferopol has a lot of historical and architectural monuments.  There is a monument to prince Dolgorukiy, commander A.V. Suvorov and the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. 
Also there is a monument erected in honor of liberation of Simferopol from the fascist occupation.  
Among all the other attractions, there are a few places of interest that every tourist is willing to see. For example, Kebir-Dzhami mosque, the oldest building in the city.  It was built in 1508 and rebuilt in 1740. 
It is very fascinating to visit the house where A.S.Griboyedov lived (1825). Also you might want to visit the house where L.N.Tolstoy lived. One of the main attractions is the building of former Simferopolsky gymnasium for boys where D.I.Mendeleyev started working in 1855 and I.V.Kurchatov studied in 1912-1920. 

500-year-old oak "Tavrida’s Hercules” - in Detsky ("children’s”) park. The trunk of the tree is about 6 meters in circumference, the top crown - 30 meters in diameter. Near this massive tree there are several 300-500-year-old oaks of smaller size.

There are also a few churches representing the history of city and art skills of the ancient and present art masters.

To enjoy picturesque nature of Simferopol you can consider visiting a few places listed below:
"Holodnaya Balka” – the views of the mountains make a beautiful contrast with the clear reflections of the ponds and green lawns…. The forests are full of mushrooms and berries. You can rest your mind here and enjoy the advantage of nature.
"Keslerskiy Les” (Keslerskiy Forest) – suggest a great opportunity to hike wonderful trails and enjoy a breathtaking view. 
Peak "Eklizi-Burun” – is a cape with the skiing trails starting at its bottom. There are a lot of caves, the beauty of which impress a lot of tourists. You can also rent a house in one of the caves and ski or fish.
Simferopol is also especially famous because of its tasting rooms of the delicious vine "Massandra”. Also you can take a tour to the wide known basements, where the vine is stored. All the vines are made according to very high standards, but the most famous one is strong red vermouth.

We sincerely hope we provided you with the most important information about this beautiful city. But, it is always better to see with your own eyes and to feel with your own heart!

See you in Simferopol!

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