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30 Sep 2011 11:32 AM
Marhanets is a mining city in Dnepropetrovsk Region in central Ukraine. It is located on the right bank of the Kakhovka Reservoir on the Dnieper River. City has about 50,000 inhabitants. Its geographic coordinates are 47°38′23″N 34°38′11″E / 47.63972°N 34.63639°E / 47.63972; 34.63639. History of these places is very rich and has for many centuries. There is a developed infrastructure with casef, banks, restaurants etc.

Millions years ago at the site of modern Marhanets was a sea, evidence of this are the findings of miners. When opening the seams of the earth during mining of ore were found bones of whales and other marine animals, different kinds of sea shells that have not found in modern seas.

 This territory was inhabited in ancient times. Here were found mounds of the Bronze Age, dating back to II-I millennium BC. 

More than 2 500 years ago this area was the center of the Great Scythia, and was part of the sacred land of the Scythian Gerros. On the left bank Borisphen (Dnepr) was the capital of Scythia - a city of blacksmiths and potters. There are still Scythian burial mounds, which were used by the Cossacks as a landmark.

Also here were found mounds later nomads (XI-XIV centuries).

Since the XVI century area is now Marhanets, was part of Zaporizhzhya Sich (Here was situated so called Tomakovskaya Sich). The Cossacks were engaged in this craft - fishing, hunting, and beekeeping. Near modern Marhanets was situated the island Tomakivka named later Butsko, and then Gorodishe. It towered over the surrounding terrain and was an excellent natural fortification. Zaporizhzhya Cossacks led by Ivan Podkova fought against the Turkish oppression in Moldova. Also, the island was the base of Cossack and peasant uprising led by Kryštof Kosinski (1591-1593). In the last period of the uprising, when Cossacks stormed Kiev, Tatars attacked Tomakovskuyu Sich. After a heroic defense Cossacks had to leave the island. At night they came by boat of encirclement and moved to the island Bazavluk. According to legend, before attacking Tatar Cossacks buried on the island their coffers - gold bullion in the form of a horse.

Also the island Tomakivka was visited by Bohdan Khmelnytsky and his son Timothy at December 15, 1647. He gathered the rebel forces for the liberation struggle of Ukrainian people 1648-1654. Now this island is partly flooded by waters of Kakhovka Reservoir.

Cossack Ataman Ivan Sirko also is associated with this place. He was famous ataman that did not lose any battle. He is depicted in a painting by Ilya Repin, "Letter to the Sultan of Cossacks." He was buried in the village Kapulovka, not far from Marhanets.

In summer of 1883 here was opened up the world's largest deposit of manganese. In 1886 the first mine was opened, and in 1910 the company became the largest supplier of manganese ore to the world market. Now this deposit is well known all over the world as Nikopol manganese ore pool. And then a settlement of miners was found.  In 1938, the settlement becomes a town and gets the name Marhanets.

In 1941-1944 during World War II the city was in the Nazi occupation. Local people actively fought against the invaders. Here was a center of guerrilla. At the heart of the city preserved the building, which remember those dreadful years. In the former children's clinic Gestapo was located. And hundreds of people were killed there. Now at this place is mass grave in the form of memorial with an eternal flame.

In 1950s, part of the island Tomakivka and nearby villages, fertile lands and mysterious caves were flooded by Kakhovsky Reservoir, destroying a lot of historical values and changing the climate of the region. 

Nowadays Marhanets is modern industrial city, but nevertheless here you can find wide opportunities for recreation. You can enjoy the nature of the Ukrainian steppe, fishing and swimming in Kakhovka Reservoir, or see the sights of the city:
Local History Museum
Lenin Stadium
Park Ostrovsky 
Memorial with an eternal flame
Monument of Taras Shevchenko
Memory lane of health workers
Memorial sign near the station
Jubilee Park
Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral
If you go on vacation in Ukraine, Marhanets is certainly worthy of any tourist. As Anatole France said: "Travel teaches more than anything else. Sometimes one day in other places, gives more than ten years of life at home."

There is one more interesting place not far from Marhanets. It is Gulyaypole. It is located at 155 km from Marhanets. This place in Zaporozhye region is well known because of Nestor Mahno. He was a famous anarchist during the Revolution. And now annual music and literary festival is held in Gulyaypole devoted to Ukrainian Independence Day (August, 24). It calls Mahno Fest. 

There are a lot of holidays in Ukraine and in Marhanets as well. For example, every city in Ukraine celebrates City’s day once a year. In 2011 Marhanets celebrates this holiday at September, 18. There were a lot of events devoted to this holiday: exhibitions, fairs, sporting events and, in final, concert of TIK – a popular Ukrainian band at Lenin Stadium. Nowadays so called Europe’s Days became popular in Ukraine. Usually they take places in different cities in spring. This year Europe’s Days were held in Marhanets at May. Here was presented EU cuisine, were organized an exhibition of children's drawings and a concert.

So as you can see rest in Marhanets gives a lot of wonderful discoveries.

You can find out here customs and tradition of Ukrainian people, especially religion and culture, historical facts and legends.

If, going on vacation, your destination is Ukraine, Marhanets city can be a perfect place for a good holiday. This place is not as noisy and crowded as the popular resorts. Here you can relax in body and soul.
Visit the sights of this beautiful city, enjoy the local cuisine, walk to the shops and buy some souvenirs, meet with the local people - no doubt you will remember this city for a long time. Photos taken on holiday in Marhanets will return you to Ukraine again and again. 

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