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28 Sep 2011 5:16 PM
Kremenchuk is an important industrial town situated in the central part of Ukraine, in Poltava region, on the banks of Dnieper River. It is famous not only because its beauty and history, but for its industrial value. There are a lot of plants and enterprises here which have big influence on the national economy. 

History of the town goes back to the XVІ century. In 1638 the Kremenchuk fortress, developed by French military engineer Guillaume Levasser de Boplan, was built. Thanks to its favorable situation, Kremenchuk quickly became a commercially important city. The goods from Russia to Poland and from Romania to the East Ukrainian earths were forwarded through this town. Merchants from Moscow, Petersburg, Odessa, Kaluga, Minsk, Mogilyov, from the Austrian, Hungarian and German cities brought here cloth, silk fabrics, products from silver and gold, the musical instruments, expensive ware.

KremenchukKremenchuk also has been developed enough as military center: during Russian-Turkish war (1787-1791) Russian armies were based here, the ships for the Black Sea flotilla were under construction in this town and the small-arms factory delivered its production to the armies. In 1802 after attaching Krukiv, Kremenchuk became a district city of the Poltava province.

Many well-known artists, actors, writers and scientists have left an appreciable trace in development of culture of Kremenchuk. The Ukrainian poet and playwright Ivan Kotlyarevsky, the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, the doctor of medical sciences Avksenty Bogaevsky stayed here. Few streets of Kremenchuk were named in honor of this famous people.

Today Kremenchuk is one of the most developed industrial towns and cities of Ukraine. There are 86 big industrial enterprises here, where 40 thousand of workers labours. The most important of them are truck-manufacturing company KrAZ, European oil refinery operated by Ukrtatnafta, Kremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant, the road-making machine works, wheel factory, factory of technical carbon, steel foundry, meat-packing plant, distillery, two garment factories, three confectionery factories, tobacco factory and others.

At the same time, town saved its historical and cultural spirit. Among the places of historic interest is Granite rock – geological nature sanctuary and ancient geodetic sign situated on the slope of Dnieper River. Since XVIII century people marked levels of river flooding on this slope. 

The monument to Vladimir Lenin stands in the main square. In an upland part of a city there is a Memorial to Eternally live near to which Eternal Fire burns. Monument to Taras Shevchenko, bust to poet Alexander Pushkin, monument to victims of Chernobyl are another known monuments situated in the town. 

Kremenchuk is considered also as religious town. St.Troitsky Temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Church of the Assumption of the Divine Mother, St-Nikolaev Cathedral and other beautiful churches and temples attract attention of visitors. Church of the Assumption of the Divine Mother was destroyed and anew built up many times, but in 1996 it has got the definitive appearance, thanks to means and diligence of car-building and steelmaking factories. More than 300 constant parishioners visit the Church regularly.

Kremenchuk ChurchThe cultural life of Kremenchuk is also well-developed. There is few fine museum and galleries in the town: the Museum of Local Lore, The Military Technology Museum (open-air), Anton Makarenko’s House-Museum, the City Gallery, Natalia Juzefovich's Gallery and etc. Main cultural events pass in the City Palace of Culture, and also in palaces of culture at the big enterprises.

The town of Kremenchug and its neighbourhoods occupy a unique natural site. Buildings of Kremenchug are situated on the left and right coast of Dnieper. Between them, in a valley of Dnieper, there are typical and rare seminatural various ecosystems, which have remained since olden days. Green territories of Kremenchug are presented in the form of 8 parks, 8 squares and 3 parkways located in different parts of the town, different-age pine plantings situated in a northeast part of the outstricts, islands adjoined to the town, and also street and internally quarter plantings.

One of the most beautiful town streets is Pushkin's Parkway. In the parkway center the square arranged with birches, willows and chestnuts is set. A lot of pink bushes is landed here. The foot zone is decorated by fountains, semi-antique fixtures and benches.

One of Kremenchuk’s attraction is its garden Alpine Hill which is broken into territories of river station. Visiting this place is like transferring to a fairy tale: there are numerous hills with falls and fountains, constructed breadboard models of cathedrals, flowers, ornamental plants are landed, the footpaths paved by pebbles, small lakes where goldfishes swim, and sculpture of the heroes of your favourite fairy tales. In 2009 interesting sculpture "Pike" has been established in the Pridneprovsky park. People believe that if enamoured assign hands in a mouth of this pike, they’ll be together forever.

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