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20 Sep 2011 3:26 PM
Dnipropetrovsk (Ukr Дніпропетровськ); original name Ekaterinoslav (1776-1797, 1802-1926), In 1797-1802 Novorossiysk. This is the fourth most populous city in Ukraine after Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. The Dnipropetrovsk population on July 1, 2011 is 1,002,950 people. Dnipropetrovsk is the largest in Ukraine area of green space per inhabitant. 

Dnipropetrovsk boulevard fountainsDnipropetrovsk is one of the most rapidly developing cities of Ukraine. There are modern shopping and business centers, cinemas, places of recreation. The longest promenade in Europe is located in Dnepropetrovsk.  

The most famous and favorite place in Dnipropetrovsk is Ekaterynoslavsky boulevard known as the "Novy Arbat" with numerous shopping centers, banks, cafes and restaurants. The main decoration of the boulevard is the avenue of fountains. Vacation in Dnepropetrovsk is visiting numerous attractions to  know about the interesting history of the city. 

There are all  conditions in Dnepropetrovsk for outdoor enthusiasts. The center of entertainment is the Monastery island. It is popular among locals and tourists alike. There is a beach  on the Monastery island. It is well equipped green landscaped recreation area. There are cafes, restaurants, attractions, water station, zoo, an exhibition of fish in the Aquarium building, horseback riding for children and adults. 

Places to be visited in Dnepropetrovsk 

  • Dneprodzerzhinsk Music and Drama Theatre of Lesia Ukrainka 
  • House of Organ and Chamber Music 
  • Historical Museum of D.I. Yavornytsky 
  • Kodakskaya fortress 
  • Church of St. Nicholas 
  • Memorial House-Museum of Academician D.I. Yavornytsky 
  • Dnepr Embankment (Promenade)
  • Nicholas Cathedral 
  • Holy Transfiguration Cathedral 
  • Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theatre of Taras Shevchenko 
  • House of the Governor 
  • Building of the English Club 
  • Novobogoroditskaya fortress 

Interesting facts about Dnipropetrovsk 

Monastic Island in Dnipropetrovsk

Monastic Island is the most legendary place in Dnipropetrovsk. The island served for centuries as a halt on a complex commercial and military way across  the Dnieper. It was a part of the way "From Vikings to Greeks". Such famous historical figures  apostle Andrew, Princes Vladimir the Great and Mstislav, Princess Olga.

There were two Ekaterinoslavs. The first and the second. The first Ekaterinoslav was located on the bank of the Kilchen river in lowland areas. It was foung in 1776 and existed only 8 years. Area of the former city is flooded with water of Samara river nowdays. Some residents and buildings of the first Ekaterinoslav first moved to the village Novoselytsia ( modern Novomoskovsk). 

There are at least 7 dates of foundation of the city: 

- 1787 – foundation of the second Ekaterinoslav
- 1784 - a decree on the basis of a new place Ekaterinoslav 
- 1776 - foundation of the first Ekaterinoslav (officially adopted founding date) 
- 1743 – foundation of the  sloboda Polovitsa where Ekaterinoslav will be located 
- 1660 – Foundation of the village New Kodak
- 1635 - foundation of the Kodak fortress (Old Kodak) 
- 870 - foundation of the monastery by Byzantine monks on the Monastery island.

We can assume that in 2011 the city may celebrate from 224 to 1141 years. 

Dnipro rapids were flooded by the waters of the reservoir only in 1927. Until that time, it was a  crucial barrier to for navigation, commerce, education, settlements near the river, creating new crafts and activities. The first rapids began near Old Kodak.

Fountain Swan near Dnipropetrovsk Embankment

Fountain-swan was established in Dnipropetrovsk in 2005 on the Embankment just a few meters from the shore. Dnipropetrovsk fountain-swan can change modes, "flutter" and rotate. At full power the height of the central jet can reach 50 m!v

Three forts were located on the territory of modern Dnipropetrovsk 
- Kodak - Polish fortress, founded in 1635 on the bank of the Dnieper, the contemporary Old Kodak;
- Novobogoroditskaya (Old Samara) - The Russian fortress was built in 1688, a modern village Shevchenko, on the bank of Samara river. 
- New Kaidak - fortified Cossack settlement, founded in 1660 

Ekaterynoslavsky tram was one of the first electric trams in the Russian Empire. It was the third after Kiev and Nizhni Novgorod. The tram was opened in 1894. Electric tram was one of the most advanced transport facilities in the end of XIX century. 

Dnipropetrovsk BridgeThere are five bridges through the Dnieper River in the city. 

Longest - Kaydaksky (1732 m). 
The most beautiful is Merefa-Kherson railway bridge. This Curved arch type bridge is thrown over the Monastyrsky island. 

The youngest - South bridge, opened in December 2000.

The eldest, Amur (Old) Bridge, at the end of construction in 1884 was worth about 4 million rubles. It was more than all Ekaterinoslav was estimated at that time. 

The embankment in Dnipropetrovsk along the right bank of the Dnieper River has a length of more than 23 km. It is the longest embankment in Europe

Video of Dnepropetrovsk

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