UEFA confess that Ukraine keep schedule of prepearing EURO 2012
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UEFA confess that Ukraine keep schedule of prepearing EURO 2012

22 Sep 2010 6:19 PM
In Nyon, Switzerland a few hours ago was held the meeting of the Supervisory Board of UEFA. The main issue of the meeting - weather Ukraine and Poland have time to adequately prepare for the Euro 2012.

How is the preparation of Ukraine for Euro 2012? Almost every week from the headquarters of the Football Association - in Nyon come delegations to Ukrainian  towns that will take the championship. And report what they saw. The original flight analysis takes place at the board meeting. There are traditionally representatives of national delegations - Poland and Ukraine. Today, in particular, discussed - how fast progressed construction work in the summer. And concluded that there were no problems.

Martin Kallen, Operation Director of UEFA:

"This progress was needed - and you achieved it. We are amazed at how much has been done in your country for the past three months. Of course, something is not finished yet. Now the plans - the operating system of EURO 2012 - a work in stadiums, airports, hotels. It is necessary to provide good service for guests of championship".

I recall in April, UEFA President Michel Platini has visited Ukraine and was extremely dissatisfied with the country's preparation for European championship. Kiev did not meet schedule of reconstruction of "Olympic" stadium. But  the championship final is scheduled in Kiev. In other cities, has been slow construction of hotels and new terminals at airports. Even was considering the option of the Euro on the formula 24: 2 Ukrainian cities and  4 Polish. But this was avoided.

Martin Kallen, Operation Director of UEFA:

"Euro will be held in Ukraine - it is obvious at the moment . Your Government, the Football Federation, the whole team knows how to deal with problematic issues. It is important not to take off speed."

The representatives of UEFA and the countries hosting the tournament, today also discussed the issue that concern all the fans - when tickets sale will start. This will happen in the spring, you can buy them on the Internet. There will be about a half million tickets. Their price - trade secret of Football Association. But they promise: football matches for the fans will be affordable.

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