So, you are going to Kiev ... find vacation rentals!
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So, you are going to Kiev ... find vacation rentals!

26 Apr 2010 10:36 AM
In Kyiv you can cite many reasons: business trip, business, and perhaps just a desire to enjoy the historic sights of the capital of Ukraine. Typically, people come to Kiev for a few days, face the challenge of finding and choosing accommodation, most appropriate to their needs while not exceeding the acceptable price range.

We offer an alternative to settling in a hotel - rent of apartments. Rent apartments in Kiev - is more convenient and confidential room service.

If you come to Kiev for a few days, but the hotel feel discomfort or else want to save, it can be a perfect alternative to rent apartments in Kiev (the so-called hotel-type apartments). Typically apartments in Kiev are 30-50% cheaper than a hotel room in Kiev.

For example, if you decide to stay at five-star President Hotel in the heart of Kiev, the cheapest room will cost about 130 Euro per day. At the same time, apartment for rent with one bedroom, the same class in the city center will cost 60-70 EURO per night. For reference, it is worth noting that the best budget accommodation in the most budget hotel in Kiev will cost about 60 EURO per day. The difference in price and comfort is obvious!

Apartments in Kiev represent themselves well equipped apartments where the rent includes virtually everything: dishes, telephone, internet, cable TV, appliances, electricity, gas, water, as well as a weekly apartment cleaning, changing linen and towels.

Apartments, rented apartment in Kiev for rent, can be as small - one bedroom studios and luxury apartments with 3 bedrooms. When renting an apartment in Kiev, the rule minimum stay (minimum stay), it can be from three (in the off-season) to five (during the New Year, May, Easter holidays) days.

When choosing an apartment in Kiev it is worth remembering that the apartment with one bedroom (studio), are usually the most popular, as are ideal for living couples, but these apartments are no more than 30% of the total number of apartments for . Therefore, practical will not be limited to viewing one-bedroom apartments, because the difference in price between one-and two-bedroom apartments is negligible, while at the same time offers the choice of apartments for rent increases considerably.

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