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21 Sep 2011 10:51 AM
Vyshgorod is a littlie town that is situated on picturesque banks of the river Dnipro, north from the capital
of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv. Notwithstanding to its deceptive insignificance, the town has a long and glorious
history. The first mentioning about the town in "Povest Vremennyh Liet” goes far to 946 year.

According to the legendary stories, Vyshgorod was built on the high hills that surrounded Kyiv, well reinforced
and was a north fortress of Kyiv. The place was usually used as a river crossing over Dnipro, while going from
Chernigiv to Kyiv in order to avoid the crossing over Desna. Princess Olha of Kyiv considered the town to be her
country residence, and Vladimir the Great kept his concubines there.

It is rather interesting that this ancient settlement became a town out of a modest village not long ago – this
status was assigned to it only in 1968.

It is absolutely undoubtedly that the main place of interest in the town is St. Basil Church, which was built
under the ruling of Vladimir the Great in 988. The relics of the great orthodox saints – Boris and Hleb – are also
kept here. Besides, for those who are fond of ancient times it will be very interesting to visit the ruins of Kyiv-
Mezhgirsk monastery, situated not far from Vyshgorod.

To admire the scenery of the Ukrainian nature in all its beauty and to watch the ancient ruins - the one
should visit the territory of the Vyshgorod Historical and Cultural reserve. The guests of the town will be very
interested to see the ruins of the ancient parts of the town and to feel the spirit of the old times.

Some reinforced walls of the Second World War are still kept on the territory of the reserve. Thus, there is a
lucky chance for the town’s guests to make a tour around the reinforcement system and to visit the abandoned

Among other sightseeing the main place belongs to Kyiv hydropower station and its huge dam that strikes the
imagination. There are number of watching areas there from which one may admire the magnificent view on
Kyiv, on banks of Dnipro and majestic waters of Kyiv water storage basin, also known as the "Kyiv’s Sea”.

Although Vyshgorod has a reputation of a little and modest town, it has lot of things to propose to its guests.
First of all it is a number of yacht clubs, where anyone may charter a sailing yacht and to enjoy an amazing
voyage on the waves of the "Kyiv’s Sea”.

By the way, the fans of sailing vessels must visit the town without delay. It is all because in Early Spring the
sailing regatta is opened there and it is closed only in Late Autumn. The air is filled up with the sounds of sails
slapping, and the water plate becomes a real exhibition of the sailing vessels. And what is more important
anyone may admire or participate, it is up to you to decide what to choose.

Besides, in summer 2011 water racing competitions in the frame of World Championship "Formula 1” took
place there. Consequently, everyone may now charter a racing boat and to sail on a special water traces on a
high speed.

For those who like performances the festivals of historical reconstruction are regularly held there. The fans
from all over Ukraine and even from abroad come to Vyshgorod to visit these festivals. The impressive show of
fighting between knights in heavy armour and the Ukrainian Cossacks will not leave anyone indifferent.

The sport fans will be happy to know that there is the place, not far from Kyiv, where one may freely play the
beach volleyball, or, as a variant, to stare at the beautiful ladies in bikini, who fight for the ball.

In winter Vyshgorod is not less attractive for visiting. There is a unique possibility to rent an aero sledge and to
make a tour on the frozen water of the "Kyiv’s Sea”, and after that to have a tasty dinner with the numerous
national dishes and to warm the body and soul with the jigger of Ukrainian gorilka in the local restaurants.

One of the best resting places in the town is Hotel and Entertaining complex "Vyshgorod”, which offers to its
guests the wide variety of national and European dishes, rich range of fine wines from all over the world and
the cozy and comfortable rest rooms.

Visit Vyshgorod and you will see all this with your own eyes.

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