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Ukraine: "Cheap" vacation in Zatoka (Odessa region)

01 May 2010 9:00 PM

Chapter one: Bad start.

Chapter 2: Rest.

Chapter 3: excursion program.

Chapter 4: Prices.

Chapter 5: Once more about the organization.

And so it - it's time to leave. Since the main influx of people exhausted, we are not forced to move out at 10 am and hang around nobody knows where to departure. We have finally vinchika, rubles gained him and the 18-00 have been good. When I tentatively asked the team leader, to bring fruit or can be on his way to buy, then I was told that it was better on the road. DO NOT BELIEVE. At such a time on the road only and were the melons and watermelons - the rest all sold long ago.

In general, 19-00, comes the bus, we come with bags, but here we like a sickle in the balls - the boys, and seats in the bus no. Then we were invited to take 100 dollars off the women and left another 5 days. Well you? Since we were a bit drunk, especially not shouting, just a few sentences to say what the problems are waiting for company. After 30 minutes we found the place abruptly, though the people who sat in these places were in the aisle. I counted four such rights.

And next to me in the aisle on a chair, rode a man, whose 5 days ago accidentally forgotten on one of the stops. All the nuances do not know, but it kind of went for a beer, as the bus left without him, along with his belongings.

The border was great, no doubt. But when they approached the Gomel and turned on the road to Minsk, one of the passengers went to the manager and asked: "I'm actually from Gomel and it would be nice to go there." At that received a full response: "Nonsense, come in Bobruisk - I'll put you in a taxi. For non-geographers explain, when you turn on Thrace we were miles from Gomel in 15, and Bobruisk is 150 kilometers away. In Bobruisk, it turned out that no one owes nothing to say and how you want to commute.

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