Slopes for skiing in Slavske
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Slopes for skiing in Slavske

15 Oct 2010 7:43 PM

Mountain Pogar

Abrupt difficult hill with possibility of night driving. Is almost in the settlement center of Slavske, it is less than in kilometer from station. Two lifts: 800-900 meters and the multilift for beginners. Here is a hire of skis, the instructor, booths. On a grief 5 snow guns and 2 snow cars work. At the foot of a hill there is an equipped parking. For driving the western slopes in length of 700-800 meters are used. For an average and above the average level of skiers. The Dinamovsky lift: 800 meters, 250 foreheads/hours; night 700 meters, 250 people/hour
Operating time: 9.00-17:00

Zakhar the Golden Eagle

Two seats pendant rope-way. The bottom station is located at entrance on territory of base near to the case, top – at mountain Zvorets top. The Operating time: 10.00-17.00. Length approximately 2800 meters, difference of heights: 552 meters. The road passes along a stream channel, has two intermediate stations.


Is at entrance of Slavske. 2 s in length of 600 and 1000 m. There are slopes for beginners, during a turn season for 2-3 hours. It is possible to reach lifts by a local taxi: from station and the places of residence. On a grief there is a hire of equipment and instructors. There are booths. Slopes of mountain in length from 600 to 1000 meters, width of 100-150 meters, difference of heights is 150-200 meters.


The mountain Trostjan is on distance of 2 km from the settlement center. The mountain is divided into the center, the North and the West. The center – the most abrupt, the West – descents of different complexity. Lifts: 9 (length 2750) and one children's lift. A good place for driving in  groups, where skiers of different level of preparation. Throughput: 400 people/hour Length of slopes of 1000-2000 meters, lifts from 1350 to 750 meters. Operating time: 9:00 - 18:00

Boarding house Slavsky

The lift near boarding house "Slavsky" has length of 750 meters, difference of heights - 170 m, throughput of 250 persons at an hour.

Mountain Warsaw

5 km from the center of Slavske. The length of the lift is 1000 meters, throughput 500 people/hour. Quite good descents for various level skiers. On a grief there are little tables and booths, points of hire of skis and a sledge, there are instructors.
Operating time: 9.00 – 17.00
The prices – from 2$ for lifting.


The lift for beginners, is located in the end of Slavske, at hotel "Tower" bottom. The length is 830 m, difference of heights of 210 m, throughput 250 people/hour of Hire of equipment and instructors, the price is lower than in Slavske.
Operating time: 9:00 - 17:00.

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