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28 Sep 2011 4:47 PM
RivneRivne is the regional center of Western Ukraine, the transport hub on the main highway Kyiv-Chop. The first written reference in 1282 and officially city dates back to the XV century. During the Second World War it was the capital of German-occupied Ukraine.

Rivne is called Amber city, because this is the only place in Ukraine, where amber is mined and processed. The regional center may be interested for married couples with children. In Rivne are a very nice zoo, children's railway, and parks where you can spend time with a family.

Monument to Princess Mary of Rovno, the wife of Prince S. Nesvitski, who in the XV century contributed to the transformation of Rovno from a small village in a big city. After the death of Prince Nesvitski in 1479 Rivne was taken over by his wife, who was called Mary of Rovno. In 1507, Mary received from the king the resolution of perpetual ownership of the castle and town.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral was built in the XIX century by Alexander III. In USSR there was a museum of atheism. Since the beginning of democratic transformations religious building was returned to the Orthodox community of the city.

Church of St. Anthony. The former parish church of St. Anthony, which in the neo-Gothic style with beautiful clock on the façade. The original building was crowned with two steeples, decorated with frescoes and stained glass. Since USSR times, the Church of St. Anthony's used as House organ music.

Church of the Assumption. The wooden Greek-Catholic Church is oldest building in town. Preserved tower and the "chain of moral values", to which in the XVIII century chained wicked for public atonement.

Gymnasium (History Museum). Building of boys' school in the classical style was built in Rivne in 1839 at the initiative of Prince Frederick Lubomirski. Here taught Ukrainian historian N. Kostomarov. During the Second World War the building served the Reich Commissariat Ukraine. Since 1975, the building occupies a museum, organized in 1906 by 140 thousand exhibits, including archaeological, ethnographic exhibition, numismatic collection, objects of Cossack era icons. In the square is the exposition of military equipment.

Park of Shevchenko is a monument of landscape architecture of national significance. It was founded in the late XVIII century. And to date the age of individual trees up to 150-200 years. Some residents believe that the park was named in honor of one of the liberators Shevchenko. Others believe that the park is named in honor of the poet Taras Shevchenko. Here, there are 160 species of trees and shrubs, many of which are exotics - North American, Far Eastern, southern European, species from China and Japan, Central Asia.
At the moment park of Shevchenko is 32 hectares and has 5 zones of quiet rest, entertainment facilities, sports and children's sector.

Zoo Park located on the relief area of 4.7 hectares. Here nearly 200 species, 700 specimens of animals. There are lions and other wild cats, bears, monkeys, artiodactyls, birds and an exotarium. In the "Grandmother's yard" is allowed to feed domestic animals. Work a riding school.

Park "Swan Lake" at the center of Rivne – it is all that remains of the Princes Lubomirski estates. Until the middle of the XX century in the place where now there is a stadium "Avangard", stood the palace of Lubomirski in the Empire style, built on the basis of the medieval castle of Princess Maria of Rovno. In the XVIII century Lubomirski Palace park laid. In the beginning XIX century redesigned English-style. After World War I mansion fell into disrepair. The palace was burned, and the parks were cut down. In the postwar period, partly restored the park and called Komsomolski, but people called "Swan Lake".

Children's Railway – one of the nine operating in Ukraine’s Children's Railways. Designing the road began in 1948, opening ceremony was in 1949. Line passes along the left bank of the river Usti. Partisan station located in the heart of the city, near the bridge on which the main street of Rovno – Cathedral – crosses a river. Second Station – Lake – the lake Basov Kut. Management of the road located at the Partisan station. On the route of the children's railway, there are several man-made structures – a bridge, culvert. Now the train is equipped in classrooms. Children's Railway works from early May to late August, the movement of trains is carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Rivne AmberThe Amber Museum, which is in the building of House of scientists (building from the beginning of XX century). Among the exhibits – pieces of amber are up to 40 million years old, found at different times in the Rivne region, and made of it jewellery. Here the oldest amber in Ukraine. It is a disk-amulet age of about 2.5 thousand years. Items of the museum are the stones, which crystallized with insects. And here you could see a piece of amber weighing about 2 kg. Exhibits tell not only about the history of amber in the region, but also about the only enterprise in Ukraine which deals with its processing.

Brewery. In 1900 was built the brewery, joint-stock company "steam brewery "Bergshloss". A major shareholder was a businessman Bergshloss, who arrived in Volhynia in XIX century with a wave of immigrants from Czech Republic. In 1939 the factory was nationalized during the USSR produced beer brands "Zhigulivskoe", "Ukrainian", "Slavic". Recently, the range expanded: produced dark, wheat and other varieties of sturdy, re-brand "Bergshloss". Beer of Rovno different from other by his natural bright taste. In production not used pasteurization or preservatives.

Philharmonic. A long tradition of Philharmonic in Rivne is organ concert. Unique organ allows performing the full range of the world of organ music. The best organists in Ukraine and Europe take participate in the annual Festival of Organ Music in Rovno. Also Hall of chamber and organ music is the base for a chamber orchestra of Rivne, a wonderful team, one of the oldest orchestras in Ukraine – their repertoire is the best example of world music.

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