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29 Sep 2011 3:29 PM
Prince MalBetween the ancient rocks of carefree green groves on both sides of the shores of river Oh, a tributary of Pripyat, stretched pretty old city Korosten (once Iskorosten).

Korosten is one of the most beautiful cities in Zhitomir region of northern Ukraine. It is city of ancient history and rich culture, a land of beautiful nature and sincere hospitable people.

The city was founded over a millennium ago. There was build castle, which  became  the permanent residence of Prince Mal. He was one of the first princes of Drevlianian land. Drevlyanian land one of the first entered into  composition of the feudal state Kievan Rus.

Korosten is rich in historical places. The most famous between tourists is Park named after Ostrovsky. This is groomed recreation area on the slope of granite rock. The Monument of Prince Mal located on the right side of the Oh. 

Mal depicted as a warrior in ancient armor, which relies on a heavy sword. Picturesque location for the sculpture was chosen not accidentally. Here the troops of Prince Mal rebelled against the intolerable exaction of Kiev Prince Igor in 945 and Igor was executed after the trial.

There is Monument  of Princess Olga on other   bank of the river. She was wife of Prince Igor. She avenged her husband's death by burning the city her husband died in. As legend says, she liked to swim in river, so today it place in park called "Bath of Princess Olga." 

But citizens forgave Princess Olga. The name of the beautiful church suggests that. Olga’s Church is located in the center of the Korosten. As legend says, Olga tortured conscience because of burning the city, so princess built a church, where she pried a lot. 

Monument to Princess Olga
This park is the favorite place of rest for citizens. It is beautiful in every season. There are snowfalls without severe frosts in winter. In spring you can admire the blossom and enjoy the warmth of the sun. In summer you can relax on the large granite rocks, swim in warm water,  to jump in the water with a five-meter cliff (under the supervision of experts, of course),  to climb to the very high slope and  just walk the picturesque shady alleys. Park is good to pensioners and extreme youth. 

Both parts of Oh are connected by a beautiful Pedestrian Bridge. This is one of the largest pedestrian suspension bridges in Europe. It offers spectacular river views.

Interesting Defense Underground Town located in the city park. It was built in 1937 by General Karbyshev. Here, of about a month,   a small garrison kept the defense against the Germans during World War II.  Nazis could enter the dungeon only by using prohibited gas. Between Moscow and Berlin was "gentlemanly" agreement that the Nazis did not use gas, but Soviet troops did not use combustible materials such as napalm in reactive mine "Katyusha". 

When the Germans finally captured the underground stronghold, only three of its defenders were alive. A woman was among them. The Germans were amazed by the heroism of these people. So they decided all three of them left alive. The facility was classified until 2005.  In fact, there are   seven underground floors. It’s really amazing and heroic place.

There are 2 museums in city. Old and unique Museum is a proud of Korosten. It was established in 1924. Museum presents a huge collection of minerals, precious and semiprecious stones that has no analogues in the world. Artifacts tell about the nature and history of the region from ancient times to the present day. Today there are more than 20 thousand units in Museum. After excavation 2001-2004, the museum received the collection of unique finds - a large collection of ceramics of VI-X centuries, and unique jewelry of  Drevlyanian women.

 Fans of the history of technology from all over Europe come to see The Technical Museum. It is located in the locomotive depot.  Connoisseurs of antiquity technology from Germany, and Great Britain visited Korosten to rent here old locomotive and ride it to the railway triangle Korosten-Zhitomir-Kiev-Korosten.

Various exhibitions are also often held in city. So if you are interested in history and culture, you can always find something interesting.

Potato deruny puncakes festivalCitizen respected traditions of their descendants. Every year on the third Saturday of September in the city park International Potato pancakers  ( derynu) festival is held.

During the festival, competitions in   ''Potato pancakers triaslon'' is held. Triathlon includes such contests: 
* ''Potato pancakers  powerlifting''  - squat with two heavy jugs full of pancakes; 
* Throwing  potato pancakers    in a bowl with sour cream with 5 meters (16.4 ft); 
* Throwing potato pankakers   to the competitor with 5 meters (16.4 ft).

At the festival works a potato pancakes school :experienced cooks will teach everyone to cook these pancakes.

However, the main intrigue of the festival is the competition for the tastiest pancake. Jury determines the winner. For a few hryvnias each taster can get a patent and thus become a member of the jury. Various competitions, exhibitions, tasting traditional Polisya beverages, exhibits, performances by folk music  ensembles are usually conducted.

Poptato  pancakers is  delicious national dish, so every tourist must try it. In september 2009, The Monument of Potato Pancaker was established in Korosten. The monument consists of a basket with potato pancakes, mounted on a pedestal of gray and red granite mined in Korosten area.

Other historical place of interests is Monument to Trident. It installed in the square near the railway station of Korosten. Location  for it was  chosen no accident: trident as the national emblem of Ukraine was first used in 1918 in Korosten on this place. It was chosen in the staff car.

Korosten knows what else can impress the tourists. Today city   is wonderful corner of Ukrainian Polesya in Zhytomyr region.  Actually, Korosten is an exciting city. And the more you learn about it, the more you like it. In city live nice friendly  people - descendants of the ancient Drevlyans.

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