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21 Sep 2011 11:49 AM
Dneprodzerzhinsk electric plantMany people know Dneprodzerzhinsk as the powerful industrial city of regional subordination, located on the right and left banks of Dnepr River. Dneprodzerzhinsk also is known as the "city of presidents and political elite", here grew up and spent big part of their life the General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, many politicians and public figures. But very few people know Dneprodzerzhinsk as clean neat town with many interesting architectural monuments, churches. And just locals can tell tourists local "Blue Lake" - one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in Ukraine.

The story of Dneprodzerzhinsk begins from1750, when it was first noted as the village of Kamenskoe, located on the territory of the modern city. According to historians, the village was situated on the place of modern Dneprodzerzhinsk got its name due to the location along the rocky banks of the Dnepr, and the large island in the middle of the river, against which it is located. Moreover one of the most important European trade routes ran through this territory in that time. Thanks its advantageous geographical location and rich natural resources in 1887, Polish, Belgian and French shareholders built the first steel plant here, which contributed to the active development of the village Kamenskoe which later became Dneprodzerzhinsk. In the late 19th century to early 20th century the village began its active development and on the eve of the first World War Metallurgical Plant of Dneprodzerzhinsk become the largest metallurgical enterprise in Russia and produced 13-14% of iron, steel and rolled steel production nationwide. Simultaneously with the construction of the plant began the residential building of the adjacent territory. On January 1, 1913 there 40 407 inhabitants lived here, while the local inhabitants counted only 7401, others - came from the central regions of Russia, Belarus and Poland. With population growth small private enterprises began to be created in Kamenskoe: mills, bakeries and small shops. In the village there were new, not quite typical building which purpose was to meet the social, religious and cultural needs of inhabitants. At the beginning of the XX century, Kamenskoe with its commercial-industrial enterprises, municipal buildings and the different numerous population, certainly, had the clear nature of the urban settlement. Therefore, in 1912 with the initiative of the Kamenska village community transferred the application in the name of the governor to assign village Kamenskoe the status of the city. But June 3, 1917, as the solution of the Provisional Government Kamenskoe got the status of the city and became known as "the city of Kamenka" - the city Kamenskoe.

February 1, 1936 by the decision of the Union Central Executive Committee Kamenskoe was 
renamed as the city Dneprodzerzhinsk. Currently Dneprodzerzhinsk is the third largest city in the Dnipropetrovsk region. There are 47 large industrial enterprises, 1188 small and medium-sized businesses in Dneprodzerzhinsk. In the industrial structure of the city such producing dominates: steel and metal processing (67%), chemical industry (18%), coke (5%), engineering (2%), construction materials, electricity, woodworking, food, light and other industries.

Major products: iron, steel, rolled metal, cement, coke, mineral fertilizers, electricity, and industrial trucks. In recent years new product lines - buses (DAZ) were created.

dneprodzerzhinsk Church
In addition to the large industrial potential Dneprodzerzhinsk has the great historical and cultural heritage. There are monuments of local and national significance. The city attracts tourists with lots of churches and temples, some of which are architectural monuments. Here are the Church of the Svyato Pokrovskogo monastery, the church of Svyaschennomuchennikov Kupriyan and Ustina, Svyatonikolaevsky Cathedral, Church of Saint Igor of Kiev and Chernigov and beautiful church of St. Nicholas, which is the monument of history and architecture.

Of course, apart from religious buildings tourists coming to Dneprodzerzhinsk visit the lighthouse in the upstream hydropower Dneprodzerzhinskaya, which regulates the movement of ships along the Dnieper.

An important landmark and the symbol of Dneprodzerzhinsk is the monument to Prometheus near the plant Dzerzhinsky and the monument to Dzerzhinsky in the central square in which honor and this wonderful city is named.

Despite Dneprodzerzhinsk is the city with problematic environmental situation, it every summer attracts tourists not only from the Dnepropetrovsk region, but also the surrounding areas who come to enjoy and relax near the miracle of nature "Blue Lake". This is artificially created body of water formed in the early 70's during the construction of Dneprodzerzhinsk. This is the place where the sand was taken to raise the level of the district. As the result ditch filled with water, covering about 200 thousand square meters and the depth that reaches 20 meters. Sandy bottom and no tributaries of the lake make the water transparent unprecedented for this region. This is facilitated by the youth of the lake. It is only 30 years old. The bottom of the lake silted up and no time to overgrown grass. The value of the water body is that it can be used as a reserve drinking water. There is the hypothesis that the clay, which "Blue lake” gives - physiotherapy. Because of its water color, and because the lake is surrounded by the magnificent pine forest it got the name "Blue Lake".

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