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Cheap Vacation

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First of all petrol. Dressings pile. Prices for the AI-92 from 2,6 to 2,75 of the hryvnia. Try not to buy near Kiev - too expensive.Dollar exchange rate in the most Zatoka - 5.22 hryvnia to the dollar. Nearby is changed, it has 5,25 hryvnia. I personally had all the time and me - never cheated.As for fruits, they are only slightly cheaper than in Minsk. When we first arrived (26.07) watermelons were 3 hryvnia per kilogram. By the end of rest (16,08), the price dropped to 1 hryvnia. Melons by 1.5 hryvnia. Peaches, apricots are the same - 5.6 hryvnia.

Over the 21-day holiday we have made 3 trips, but everything in order. The first tour took place that is called without prior preparation. Simply, we once again slept through breakfast and when he lifted his drunken head, then decided that in such a condition is harmful to sunbathe and better to go to Odessa. As previously, I was in this city, guide, and had to be. We left on a minibus 9-30. Returned to 17-30. Council of the experienced - better go by yourself, rather than buying tours.

So, rest. Since we have decided not to feed lunch on the first day, we, of course, immediately decided to go to sea, the more so for the sake of it actually arrived. For more than an idea of the place where we had to live 21 days off in a round (which later went another way, which saves us a couple of minutes). 100 meters from the base of the market, only one in the next few miles. Principle the he is not bad, but, unfortunately, not very big, so the choice is not the best. Just struck me that there is little musorok. It makes people just throw everything on the road. Well, obviously - neither of which the purity of speech was gone. Mail is located near the market and is available with 4 cabins - a small number of them caused, especially in the evening, unhealthy excitement. From mail to the sea is a direct road length of 400 meters on both sides which, however, and at other resorts, there are numerous shops and cafes. One shop even turned the clock.

There are in Minsk (not sure that it does not exist in other cities of Belarus) such firm, as ODL "Voyazhtur. I do not know whether people who read this story use the services of her, but if you visit such an idea, then be prepared for a variety of incidents, caused by the forthright unprofessional employees of the organization.
Fun began in Minsk, with the purchase of vouchers. 2 weeks before my trip I went to the office "Voyazhtura" with a view to booking. Found me well enough, but it was probably the only positive point for communicating with his firm.

Who among us does not dream to have a cheap vacation on the sea (some Black or Azov)? However, one major problem - the cost of the holiday. Such is the peculiarity of our existence, created by our wise rulers of our "separatist" states. Well, they do not want to pay the working man a decent wage and that's it. Wait for them to grace? So life will pass ... Is it possible to have a cheap vacation on the sea? What is the minimum now rest on the sea? How to organize your holiday at sea is cheap, what can be saved? To answer these questions, I want to share with you my experience vacationers who do not have large incomes, manages over the past eight years, every year to go to sea  cheap vacation. The cost of holidays I have no more than 200-250 Baku for two adults and one child without the cost of the road for 10 days the coast in Ukraine ...

And do not you go to the farm .... And why not? Especially because not far from the. Farm Savka his name. The easiest and probably most convenient to get to this place from the metro station "Heroes of the Dnieper”. Exit from drifting snow, walk several hundred meters and then stop. Fifteen minutes by trolley to the square of Shevchenko. And there with the bus Polesye have problems with how to leave does not arise. Because the road is one. Where to get away from it... Before the village Petrivtsi, where there is an object,  walk  for twenty minutes. It should only take into account that the town stretched for several kilometers.


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