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17 Oct 2011 2:07 PM
RybachyeRybachye is a picturesque village situated on the South Coast of the Crimean peninsula at the distance of 28 kilometers from Alushta. It is a small quiet health resort surrounded by the Main Range of the Crimean Mountains and Black Sea.  Green mountain ridges like backs of the gigantic motionless pangolins hide it from the busy world of men and create this inimitable atmosphere of conciliation, joy and harmony with nature. Warm climate, healthy forest air, wide pebble beach, clean sea waters – it is all you need for you and your family.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Rybachye was a small Crimean Tatar hamlet with a constant population of 1334 people (1926).  It was called Tuvaq (Shield in Crimean Tatar) at that time.  In 1945 at the end of the Second World War it was renamed into Rybachye that can be translated as Village of Fishers. As the name implies the waters of its peaceful bay are rich of fish and other inhabitants of the sea depths. Sometimes in the sunny weather you may see fins of bottlenoses (Black Sea dolphins) cutting through the smooth sea surface.

The idyllic seashore village nestles among candle-like cypresses, magnolias and black pines and two shallow rivers Alachuk and Andus run from the hills and fall into Black Sea. Rybachye is famous of its green oasises (parks, alleys, lawns) and delightful landscapes. 

Jur Jur WaterfallOne of the most admirable natural wonders is Jur-Jur waterfall that is placed deep in the wild forest 8-10 kilometers from Rybachye. It is one of the tallest (11 meters) and most powerful waterfalls in Crimea and the only waterfall on the peninsula that never dries out. Its average water discharge is 270 liters per second. You can eternally contemplate its fast waters that run there since the ancient times of Sarmatians and Scythians. 

Not far from Jur-Jur there is a Kanak Gully with its beautiful juniper grove. In the Crimean forests and parks you can find plants from different climate zones growing together.  Beeches, hornbeams, eucalyptuses, palms, yew trees – everyone will be impressed by this variety!  

Another marvelous place you would like to visit in Rybachye is the Bay of Love that is situated on the western side of the beach. Actually it is quite difficult to get there because it is protected by a series of rocks but it is really worth it! There are two ways to get there: you can either climb a cliff or swim. The Bay of Love is like a part of the lost world that rises out of the primordial chaos and it seems that its virgin nature has not changed over time. There is a popular belief that if you take a sunset swim with your beloved in the transparent waters of the Bay of Love you will be in love forever.  Despite the fact that this unique place attracts thousands of couples each year you have good chances to find yourself alone there. 

Bay of LoveBeing in Rybachye you should not miss a tour to Demergi Mountain, which surely is the most mysterious place in Taurida (ancient name for Crimea). Odd-shaped rocks in the Valley of Ghosts resemble fossilized giants towering over plateau and breathtaking views from the top of the Northern Demergi are those that one will never forget.  You may also spend one day visiting Yalta (72 kilometers), which is a unique combination of luxurious architecture and lush beauty of the southern nature, or take your kids to the Alushta Water Park where they would enjoy water slides, splash pads and wave pools. Due to the convenient geographical location of Rybachye and its advanced public transport system many famous Crimean resorts and recreational centers such as Partenit, Gurzuf, Novy Svet, Sudak, Koktebel etc. may be easily reached. 

Rybachye is a great place to visit with your family or friends. It is quite comfortable for both young and aged people. You will have no trouble finding a place to live. Cosy cottages, hotels and apartments are offered at quite affordable prices. If you are a fan of caravanning there is a big auto-camping park directly on the sea shore.

 Walking along the promenade you will see numerous restaurants and open-air cafes where you can get acquainted with local cuisine. Crimea is a multicultural region and more than 100 nationalities live there. Russians, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Greeks, Armenians, Germans and others - they all shape integral society but still preserve their traditions and cultural legacy. So you can enjoy their national dishes such as blini and shchi (Russian), zrazy and halushki (Ukrainian), shurpa and tulma (Crimean Tatar) and many others. Crimea is also famous for its vineyards so don’t forget to taste Crimean wine well-known for its fresh aroma and bouquet.

Besides the charms of beauty there is a great number of different attractions that won’t let you become bored. You can take a boat tour to observe hard-to-reach creeks and caves or to fish in open waters. For the lovers of extreme sports there are hang gliding, skydiving and water skiing. Rybachye will also be the right choice for scuba diving enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced diver of just a beginner you will adore miracles of the Black Sea underwater world. Diving helps to experience unique emotions and become familiar with the aquatic environment. Dive centers will offer you different types of sub water activities such as wreck diving (as there is a lot of sunken ships in Black Sea since Russo-Turkish War, Crimean War, Great Patriotic War, and other military conflicts), night diving and cave diving. Subaqueous flora and fauna is not so colorful if compared for example to Red Sea but still you may see some rare species like electric rays or Black Sea shark so-called katran.

In Rybachye there is also a great choice of night clubs and bars where you can chill out after your busy day. Night life of the resort is full of fun and elation but it is not as noisy as in big cities. You will probably meet some interesting people and make new friends.

There is a wonderful tradition to bring memorable items from a trip and you will be surprised by the diversity of the Crimean souvenirs assortment.  Wooden articles, essential oils and seashells will remind you about your unforgettable vacation in Rybachye!

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