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Odessa beach vacation - the pearl of the Black Sea!

27 Apr 2010 11:30 AM
By European standards Odessa is a young city. It was founded by Catherine II in 1794, when the Russian empress decided that a port on the Black Sea for expansion of ties with Europe. Once at the site of the city the ancient Greek settlement, and then lived here the Crimean Tatars. They were replaced by the Ottomans, who founded the fortress Hadzhibey, which was captured by Russian troops in 1789.

Successfully located geographically, Odessa has quickly evolved from a small settlement in the commercial, industrial and scientific center of European significance. To the 100 th anniversary of its founding (1784), Odessa occupied the 4 th place in the Russian Empire in size and level of economic development after St Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw. During the 1 st World War and the Civil War in Russia, the city experienced the devastation and chaos during the 2-nd World War was partly destroyed, and many residents were shot by German and Romanian troops.

Despite the historic upheavals of the last century the population of Odessa has nearly tripled. Today the city continues to evolve, now as a major industrial and resort center of Ukraine. Mild climate, plenty of sandy beaches and warm blue sea attract thousands of tourists to the city, which had long been earning it the title of "South Palmira".

Odessa spa region is one of the oldest and most popular in the country. From the ratio of indicators of price and quality it "more competitive" than others. However, few know that in Odessa and its surroundings actually are five resorts: Kuyal'nyk, Lermontov, Arcadia, Big Fountain and Carolino Bugaz. Each of them offers a unique set of climatic factors that have a beneficial impact on people.

The first resort of Odessa was Kuyal'nyk. It is situated at the foot of the mountain Zhevagovoy on the right bank Kuyal'nitskogo estuary. It is in 1833 in a primitive wooden structure was opened treatment facility designed to receive "warm bath". But the real beginning of the development of the resort put Dr. Andrew - the personal physician of the governor of New Russia of Count Vorontsov. In 1842, a doctor has to rent a two-story stone clinic, conducted research and engaged organization spa industry on a scientific basis.

Kuyal'nitskogo mud for its curative properties have long been recognized standard - that is the most efficient and effective. They contain a unique set of biologically active substances, macro-and micronutrients, contribute to the attenuation of inflammatory processes. Local mineral water with great success used in the treatment of digestive diseases.

Lermontovsky resort is located near the center of Odessa, between the park it. Shevchenko and joy. Big green array, surprisingly tender sea, "velvet" beaches - these are the main climatic factors. The resort is designed to treat patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Spa Arcadia is located in one of the largest recreational areas of Odessa, it stretches from downtown to the south, along the coastal strip. The resort boasts a wealth and variety of greenery. It was here, in Arcadia, located Botanical Garden and the University of the central city beach.

Proximity to the city, infrastructure development, a beautiful park, a mild climate and, of course, the sea - all this contributes to the popularity of the resort. Today in Arcadia has several sanatoriums.

Spa Big Fountain housed in so-called Old City, south of Arcadia. Urban high-rise is almost no, the whole area is surrounded with quiet shady streets with low-rise buildings. In the green zone a lot of old trees. The sea is clean and clear. Most of Odessa, willing to lie on the beach, opt for this is the Big Fountain.

Here were found sources of mineral water ("Odessa» № 1 and № 2). And the first of its healing properties and qualities like "Naftusya", and the second is similar Mirgorodskaya.

Carolino Bugaz - the largest in the country type is generall therapeutic spa. It is situated on a huge spit of sand, 60 km south of Odessa. Length of hair - about 8 km, width - from 70 to 700 meters. The bottom of the sea is gently sloping, gradually decreases. For many miles along the coast stretches of pristine purity of the beautiful beaches of fine sand. On one side of the shore resort washed by the Black Sea, on the other - fresh waters of the Dniester estuary. The resort is literally "flooded" with ultraviolet light. The air in these places - with a high content of ozone and sea salt.

The local region is famous for its wine making, fishing, excellent sightseeing opportunities. There are many distinctive villages, inhabited by Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldovans, representatives of other nationalities.

Odessa climate - a topic for another discussion. Some researchers say that optimism and an inimitable sense of humor from Odessa - is a consequence of a unique combination of local natural and climatic conditions that are "recharged" people positive emotions.

The climate in Odessa, mild, moderate. Specificity is defined by its complex atmospheric processes in combination with exposure to the sea and the unique topography. Average annual relative humidity is high - 78%.

Even in 1934, known balneologist Vitsman wrote about the features of the Odessa climate: "The location of the city on a hill, which is bordered to the south and west of the Black Sea, and from the north and east is surrounded by steppes, which promotes free movement of air. The air in Odessa, dry, soft, clean, much richer in oxygen than usual.

The swimming season begins, usually in early June, when water temperature reaches 19-20 ° C. Sometimes, the temperature is already in May and lasts until late September. In July and August the water warms to 25 ° C.

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