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15 Sep 2011 12:50 PM
Koktebel means in Turkic "land of blue tops". This beautiful town is located in the bay near fabulously beautiful valley. Color of mountaintop changes every minute, causing admiration of artists. This magic place attracts people with a creative mind, because of special atmosphere of creativity and freedom. 

Museum of Maximilian VoloshinHouse-museum of Maximiian Voloshin is the heart of Koktebel. Famous artist and poet lived, worked and gathered friends there. Maximilian Voloshin is a brilliant poet, artist and local historian, whose name is inextricably linked with the history of Koktebel. 

By the way, Maximilian Voloshin is the founder of nudism in Koktebel. Koktebel nudist beach today is a long strip of about 700 meters east of the town. It is not difficult to find it. There are no any pointers, but by going east on the public beach, you will come to a nudist beach. 

Walk around Koktebel and you will feel that heart beats faster. You will be very delighted by the beauty of Cape Chameleon and Karadag nature reserve

The special climate of Koktebel has a curative effect on the human body, but people go to Koktebel go not only for this. Vacation in the "land of the blue tops"  is the atmosphere of meetings with interesting people, new friends and unforgettable memories vivid. Of course there are also cozy and comfortable guest houses and hotels, numerous festivals and magnificent scenery.

Jazz Koktebel  is the yearly Jazz Festival which take place in Koktebel since 2003. Jazz Koktebel is a point of view on the current jazz and alternative improvised music. It is uncomplicated, consistent and deliberate. Youth Festival clearly demonstrate to youth the new formats of human relations and contemporary art that can inspire thousands of people to move out toward the joy of cognition. 

Nature of Koktebel is beautiful and full of mysteries. The evening comes, and the Cape  changes its color… Golden Gate shine mysteriously in the sea surface. Visit the ancient  dormant volcano.

Sea in KoktebelThe central beach of Koktebel is clean pebbles and sand. You may find  hermit crabs there. The water is very clear, no stones on the bottom. However, the feature of Koktebel beaches is that in high season they are crowded. So the early morning and evening are ideal time for swimming. Koktebel beach gradually ends at the western slopes of Cape Chameleon. The local bay is called the Dead. Perhaps due to the fact that there is never a storm. There are several places with a blue clay. 

Go to the east of Cape Chameleon and visit stunning beaches of the  Quiet bay, the French beach, and even further a few bays and vast sandy Ordzhonikidze beach. 

You also may organize excursions with stops at the beach near Karadag for swimming. But the most interesting for swimming are bays of extinct volcano.  They may be reached  only by boat. What could be better then swimming in the rocks and wilderness? So, see you in Koktebel!

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