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Feodosiya beach vacation

14 Apr 2011 5:30 PM
Feodosiya attracts to the summer vacation more and more tourists each year. Sparkling sea, clean air and pleasant climate beckon them here. Service  in Feodosiya is affordable, a wide range of hotels and hostels for every taste. Feodosiya will surround you with romantic atmosphere of cruises to the warm, shining from the sun's glare sea. Numerous cafes, clubs and unusual attractions will be to the lovers of fun-filled holiday. Summer vacation in Feodosiya is a repudiation of the routine of everyday life, fun entertainment, the opportunity to visit fascinating excursions and have a great time.

God-given (that's translated name of the city) Feodosiya captured the milestone of its rich history in numerous monuments of architecture and culture. Immerse yourself into the medieval atmosphere of the Genoese fortress, admire the unusual architecture of temples and mosques, visit the famous Aivazovsky art gallery and feel the creative atmosphere in the Alexander Grin Museum. 

Feodosia is situated on the south-east of the Crimea at the height of 302 metres above sea level. The climate is temperate continental, with fairly hot summers and very mild winters.

Feodosiya mudToday Feodosiya is a climatic resort. East of Feodosiya located several small and large salt lakes - lagoons and mineral springs.  Mud and brine from these lakes is used in spas of Feodosia for treatment of various diseases. So, basically tourists come to heal on Feodosiya vacation. Also tourists come to Feodosia for a family vacation. The sea here is shallow, the water warms up quickly. Very shallow beach located in the city, which is especially suitable for recreation on the Black Sea in Feodosia for the youngest travelers. The weather in Feodosia only contributes to this relaxation. Other Feodosiya  beaches stretched over 15 km to the east of the city.

Summer vacation in Feodosiya is a unique climate, wonderful beaches and clear sea combined with unforgettable experience.

How to get to Feodosiya

It is best to get to Feodosiya by direct train. Feodosia train station is in downtown on the embankment. 

In the city, near the bus station, is also the railway station Aivazovsky. Next to it located Feodosiya bus station. From it you can get go to Koktebel, Sudak, Stary Krym. 

If you go fromSimferopol. Near the Simferopol railway station (access to McDonald's, in the direction of the clock tower) located bus station. From there by bus you can get to Feodosia.

History of Feodosiya 

Feodosiya fortressThe city was founded in V century BC by Greeks from Asia Minor city of Miletus on the place of existing settlements. Theodosius was part of the Bosporus. In III century the town was occupied by Alans and the town "Ardabda" - "City of the seven gods". 

In IV BC it was destroyed by Huns. After the conquest of the Crimea by Mongols in place of the current Theodosius was based trading colony Kafa, which became the center of Genoese possessions of Crimea. 

In Turks captured the city and renamed it to Keffe. In 1783, Crimea became part of the Russian Empire.

Attractions of Feodosiya

• Aivazovsky Arts Gallery (+380656230929 2 Galereynaya Str.). City center of art, music and theater.

• Literary-Memorial Museum of Alexander Grin (+380656231309 10 Galreeynaya Str.). One of the most striking sights of Feodosia. It is a museum in the house where the writer lived and worked in 1924-30's.

Feodosiya History Museum (+380656230277  11 Lenin Ave). The oldest in Ukraine, was founded in 1811 as the Museum of Antiquities by chief of the town of Feodosia, S.M. Bronevsky.

• Fountain of Ayvazovsky in Jubilee Park. Historical and architectural monument, was built under the project and the means of the artist in 1888.

• Church of St Sergius - Armenian Gregorian church built in 1363;

• Museum of hang gliding.

Beaches of Feodosiya

Golden Beach -15 km of wide sandy beach of frayed shells, flat bottom, rare storms and steady sunshine - all this makes the city a great place for family vacation. 

In the western part of Feodosia, on the lands of Agri Koktebel beaches are more diverse. From the boundaries of Sudak Region of Cape Meganom strength a real coastal desert. Only in the Fox Bay, it comes alive with thickets of silvery Elaeagnus right on the beach of gray sand and fine gravel. At sea, however, quite a lot of large stones, so enter the water carefuly.

The coastal trail leads further to Otuzskuyu valley, or rather to the bay. Excellent beaches of coarse gray sand mixed with gravel located at the western cliffs of the valley. And in the center located artificial beaches with concrete breakwaters of the hotel "Crimean Primorje”. 

Above the beach - concrete promenade with luxury beds of roses, and buildings of boarding house surrounded by a nice spacious park. 

Beach of Karadag biological station consists of a very large pebbles and water is very clear there. It is not easy to maintain balance on the pebble In a storm.

Many small bays with a very pleasant little pebble gray sand beaches are among the rock wonders of the ancient volcano Kara-Dag. Naturally, on these beaches a lot of semi-precious pebbles. Buy a ticket to the "small environmental path” and soak up the fabulous beaches of the Karadag bays: Liagushachi, and others. A boat can land you on the small inaccessible  beach coves Barakhty and Carnelian.

Spacious arc of Koktebel Bay stretches from Kara-Dagh to Cape Chameleon. The beach, which once consisted almost entirely of semi-precious pebbles, the last 150 years has been actively transported for souvenirs by all true connoisseurs. Beach, meanwhile disappeared. Now poured artificial beach, based on the concrete embankment.

Grin Beach - located in the west of the village. By the water along its entire length made  decking boards and descents to the water, and fine golden sand poured on to the shore. Then the small concrete quay with cafes and other establishments serving. lLittle remains here of natural beauty, but it is comfortable to have a rest.

Small, nice gravel on a nudist beach on the east. Throughout the beach an extensive shoal, but concrete breakwaters for jumping to the water are just on the west.

To the east of Cape Chameleon stunning sandy beaches of Quiet bay, the French beach, and further - a few creeks and a huge sandy beach Ordzhonikidze. Everywhere you can walk along the coastal paths, rocky headlands. Water is always very calm and gentle. All beaches are free and with few exceptions are public.

Feodosiya vacation video

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